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The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

Monday 13 December 2004, by Webmaster

The Hollywood Reporter’s new list of the silver screen’s highest paid actresses are revealed. Read on to find out where Miss Gellar ranks.

Julia Roberts, this week’s PEOPLE covergirl and new mom (of twins), tops the Hollywood Reporter’s new list of the silver screen’s highest paid actresses, thanks to her $20-million-per-picture price.

Roberts, 37, actually shares that salary status with Cameron Diaz, though the Reporter’s list leads with Roberts because the No. 2-ranked Diaz, 32, didn’t appear in any movies this year, except to lend her voice to the Princess Fiona character in Shrek 2.

The special issue also spotlights what the next generation of actresses is earning, by producing the top breakout performers’ list. "Spider-Man 2" actress Kirsten Dunst tops the list with earnings of 8 million dollars.

"Mean Girls" actress Lindsay Lohan was second with earnings of 7.5 million dollars, followed by Jessica Alba (3 million dollars),Mandy Moore (3 million dollars) and Sarah Michelle Gellar (2 million dollars).

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  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    13 December 2004 09:36, by Anonymous

    Yikes - SMG ranks behind Lindsey Lohan, Mandy Moore, and Jessica Alba...

    Maybe if she’d stop referring to herself as Sarah Michelle Gell-are, she wouldn’t seem like such a pretentious bitch. I guess the Jewish thing just doesn’t work for her. (You’d have to have seen her or Alyson Hannigan on Howard Stern to get that. It’s not like everyone makes the bitchy stuff up. There are usually reasons behind it.)

    The Howard Stern clip with AH was posted on this site at one time...

  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    13 December 2004 17:36, by Anonymous
    You have no idea what you’re talking about. The fact is Sarah has mostly chosen films where she hasn’t gotten high salarys deliberately (Harvard Man, The Grudge) or where she hasn’t been the lead (Scooby Doo). She also hasn’t done many films. Now that The Grudge is heading towards about $115M, she’ll be getting much higher paychecks. Secondly, it’s funny how people like you, choose to believe unreliable rumours from the net over what almost every single one of her castmates and crew have said (from different shows and films). You don’t like her, fair enough, but it doesn’t mean you have some amazing insight about her, or that the gossip, that people like you make up, is true. End rant - but people like you are really starting to piss me off, when you act as though you know more than what you do, and other people then believe you.
  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    13 December 2004 21:24, by Anonymous

    No, she was very careful not to say anything, as they were still shooting "Buffy" at the time.

    Howard Stern asked AH about her, telling her that when SMG was on his show, she went out of her way to correct his pronunciation of her name. Howard was NOT impressed with her because he knew the origin of the name Gellar and didn’t get why she was being so bitchy about it.

    Alyson handled it very well to avoid any backlach on SMG’s part, but it appeared as though she was muffling herself.

  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    13 December 2004 21:27, by Anonymous

    I saw that clip...it was awkward because of the fact that Alyson was put on the spot, as is the case on Stern’s show, and you could tell she knew where he was going with his questions and knew she’d better not say anything.

    She didn’t "say" anything, but she didn’t defend her either.

  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    14 December 2004 20:39, by Anonymous

    What are you her mother? I never said I had any amazing "insight" into anything. I am commenting on an actual appearance I saw by Alyson Hannigan on Howard Stern. So, sorry if that is upsetting to you, but deal with it.

    And still... Lindsay Lohan is a newbie who sucks, and SMG is not. I think that’s funny. Little miss princess ain’t getting paid! HAHAHAHA - can you say Scooby-Dooby-Doo?!?!?

  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    14 December 2004 20:54, by Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Rant,

    Chill the fuck out - what are you doing here if you can’t stand other people’s opinions and what is printed on the net?

    I’ve seen and read hundreds of interviews of her Buffy castmates, who lets face it, worked with her longer than anyone, and yes, they don’t call her a bitch, but they certainly don’t gush about her the way they do each other. She is left out of everything because she is "too busy" — and guys back me up, when you tell a girl you’re "too busy" that means you’re just not that into her. By telling someone you’re "busy", you may as well just say "get lost".

    Having schedule conflicts will happen to everyone from time to time, but SMG’s conflicts have kept her out of almost everything Buffy-related for the past 4 years. And as you said, she hasn’t had lead roles all that time, therefore leading to "low" pay, so surely should would have had time to take part in something — and seriously, after all that Joss Whedon and "Buffy" did for her, nothing should have kept her from that wrap party, let alone the ridiculous Scooby Doo crap. Unless, of course, she just didn’t want to be there.

    Despite what anyone thinks, usually when these kind of rumors persist for years and years, there is some truth to them. And I have personally seen other interviews (not the Howard Stern one, but I’ll be looking for it now) and what I’ve seen of SMG, she never opens herself up to talking "Buffy" regardless of how it appears to her legions of fans, whom she has THANKS TO "BUFFY"!

    THAT pisses me off!

  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    14 December 2004 20:57, by Anonymous

    Ok, now I’m laughing my ass off... she "deliberatly" took movies with low salaries? PUH-FUCKING-LEASE!!!

    If you believe that, then you are the stupidest person I’ve ever come in contact with!

    LMAO... and I just can’t stop! That’s a party joke right there!!!

  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    14 December 2004 21:10, by Anonymous

    One more thing, you say I don’t know what I’m talking about, but as I said, I SAW an interview that I commented on... did YOU see it, Mr. Pissy?

    Howard Stern said everything short of outright calling her a bitch. Alyson did not defend her in the least...she played dumb, which made it seem more true than not. That is my opinion on what I SAW.

    What do you have to back you up — comments from cast members who were working with her at the time? Comments from her husband? From her publicist? Please... you can form a better opinion from watching and listening with your own eyes and ears. SMG always seems thrilled and all bubbly when selling her movies, but mention "Buffy" and the glow leaves her face and she gets defensive, says it was time to move on and then changes the subject. Search for her interview clips for the past few years... proof is in the clips.

    She is bringing the negativity to her own image.

  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    16 December 2004 18:27, by Anonymous
    There is so much to answer here, it’s unbelievable. First off, I don’t have to ’chill the fuck out’, because I was and am pretty chilled out, but I do suspect someone needs to grow the fuck up. Secondly, I am not stupid and to be honest, I don’t care what some person who I’ve never met or care to meet thinks. Thirdly, I do appreciate other people’s opinions. Read my message again, what I was complaining about was someone putting their opinion over as fact. Fourth, I was disputing whatever was said on HS, I was talking about the salary business etc. Fifth, SMG has not been around in movies for a long time. She has had 7 theatrical releases in 8 years. Sixth, I didn’t say she has only picked films with low salarys, but everyone involved has said that she phoned James Toback and said that she would do anything he had at the time. She has also said that at the moment she’s more interested in movies that she wants to do, rather than movies with high salarys. Seventh, Sarah may be a bitch, she may be the worst person in the world and I could care less, because I don’t know her and I never will. What I don’t like is people putting so much stock into rumours that they pass it on as truth. And whatever you may say, a rumour is still a rumour. Finally, Read what people like Nick Brendon, Amber Benson, Michelle Trachtenberg, James Marsters and Seth Green have said. I have proof of where the have ’gushed’ over her. There’s probably more, but unlike some people on here, I’m not taking this personally, so I’m leaving off now. No hard feelings though.
  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    16 December 2004 18:31, by Anonymous

    Sorry, but even if she wanted to leave Buffy, What does that mean? Emma Caulfield wanted to leave too. And people don’t get on. I know it’s hard to accept, but it’s a fact of life. Even you want to believe your rumours, then No, Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Michelle Gellar didn’t get on. Again, so what. That doesn’t make either of them bitches.

    As for my proof, read the message above for people (just from Buffy, there are countless others) who have said great things about her. I do use my eyes too, but unfortunately they can’t see quite as far into the studio as yours appear to be able to.

    Anyhow, again I’ll repeat, I don’t care if she is a bitch, because it’s never going to affect me either way.

  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    16 December 2004 22:25, by Anonymous

    Sorry I missed this one... maybe it’s fine for all of you to fan-worship people who are bitchy, but I agree with the fact Sarah Michelle Gellar let Buffyverse and Joss Whedon, in particular, down. She, and I guess, you, will not even acknowledge the great thing she was a part of. That’s sad and disrespectful.

    Yea, she’s probably just a person who doesn’t care, and which would just be a lapse of character on her part, but for people like you to just ignore that is why our world is like it is today. You don’t require anything out of people, especially celebrities. It happens all the time with millions of people — why else do you think people become the way they do when they become a Hollywood "star"? They do whatever they want and you fall over them anyway — it’s pathetic and it’s a sad state of our society.

    I agree with, what I think was the first person, who said that what you read from her former castmates was probably while they were filming "Buffy" so there is no way their quotes would be anything but "gushing". I’ve seen Emma Caulfield, Alyson Hannigan, and James Marsters in video interviews since then, and they did not gush on SMG in any way. Any gushing they did was for "Buffy" as a whole and especially for Joss. They all mentioned Joss specifically saying something about how brilliant he was and great it was to be a part of his project. James and Alyson said they’d love to work with Joss again, but funny, they never mentioned SMG. I have never seen SMG in any interview say anything close to that since Season 5 of Buffy was on, that’s why I agree with the original person. I did see her do an interview while pushing "The Grudge" where they guy asked her about the support of fans from "Buffy" and she said they’re great, but it was time for everyone to move on, and she was so excited about her new movie... how weak. I am one of those fans, who has purchased all the DVD’s, and I felt like, "what - that’s it?"

    Do you think that these "little" quirks of character go unnoticed by producers and directors in Hollywood? They are too egomaniacal for that. I don’t know, maybe that has something to do with SMG trailing the likes of Lohan...ugh.

    The person who said she takes those less-paying roles on purpose, you have to be on crack, because there is no way in hell that is true, even though you are passing it off as fact — which seems to be your be issue. You say that like you are her manager telling her what to do, but again, you don’t know shit.

    The point is that we as a society should expect more from people, instead we worship them regardless of their behavior. Be a bitch, be disrespectful...don’t worry, we’ll still see your mediocre movies anyway! What a great message to send your kids — I think that’s the deeper issue the first person posting was getting at, and I agree with that. We should all be so passionate about being a better people and a better society as a whole.

  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    16 December 2004 22:35, by Anonymous

    "Seventh, Sarah may be a bitch, she may be the worst person in the world and I could care less, because I don’t know her and I never will."

    Really nice attitude there... your opinion, based on that alone, means nothing. You are no better than worst people in the world because you, not only tolerate anything, but you support it. There is a bigger picture here, and that is a scary attitude to have.

  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    16 December 2004 22:48, by Anonymous

    I loved SMG for a long time. I loved her on "All My Children" and in "Buffy", but when her actions and comments changed, so did my opinion of her. Deny it if you want, but something changed with SMG in the last few seasons of "Buffy", and her attitude reflected it. She always had better things to do and more important things to talk about than "Buffy", and yet without "Buffy" her career would be as pathetic as her hubby’s. For me, that’s why my opinion changed.

    I personally don’t care what the rumors say, but like it or not, many, many times where Hollywood is concerned, rumors turn out to be the truth trying to hide. I don’t believe a rumor in Hollywood is the same as a rumor in high school.

  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    16 December 2004 22:55, by Anonymous

    So... even though you only know of SMG because of "Buffy", it’s okay with you that she doesn’t give a shit about anything "Buffy"? You don’t care...

    You don’t care that she doesn’t even acknowledge how fortunate she was?

    She could say fuck Joss, fuck "Buffy" I’m done with that, and you won’t care because you don’t care what kind of person she really is?



  • > The Hollywood-Queens (sarah michelle gellar mention)

    20 December 2004 15:09, by Penn-USA
    Responding to all that has been said so far.Remember at the END of the 5th. Seas. she wanted to QUIT BUFFY because of the network change, but her producers reminded her that she was singned to do TWO more years of Buffy.She was also making big BUCKS for SCOOOBY-DOO and so she did not care that much about the last two years of Buffy.Also her Husband said BAD things about Buffy and wanted her to QUIT, but she had TWO more years to go at Buffy.Remember Freddie Prinz said that if THEY, would stop the SHENANNIGANS at Buffy she would not have Quit. Something to think ABOUT. You keep talking about SMG and her attiude, but remember it all changed when she got together with Freddie..