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Angel Top 25 Episodes - Xpose Number 26 Special - Article Scans

By Joeyanya

Monday 13 December 2004, by Webmaster

Angel Top 25 Episodes - Xpose Number 26 Special - Article Scans - Gallery

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16 Forum messages

  • Not to be the one that immediately finds something wrong with these lists, but where is ’I Will Remember You’ or ’Hero’ or ’City of...’? Those were some of the best episodes in the series...
  • >Who made this list??

    13 December 2004 02:58, by leo
    Where are episodes like "I Will Remember You", "Sanctuary" and "In the Dark"? Those should be in the list!!!!
  • damn...i will remember you isn’t in it! I love that episode!
  • Agreed. I Will Remember You could definately have taken place of, say, Disharmony. And City Of had such great moments... and Hero always makes me cry.
  • Right... This certainly wouldnt be my top 25 but oh well... I loved all of Angel except for parts of season 4, but I think season 1 is the best. For somnabulist to be on there and not "I will remember you" or "Hero" or the 3rd ep of season 3 with Spike and Oz which was outstanding. Plus "That old gang of mine" was by far my least favorite episode cause it just didnt make any sense.
  • Since "I Will Remember You" isn’t here, I’m just gonna invalidate this whole rank as insane nonsense...
  • OK, Smile Time was funny yeah, but nowhere near the best of the whole series, I don’t even think it would be in my top 25. Everything in it seemed a bit forced, as opposed to all the Buffy comedy episodes, which are always the best episodes. Buffy can do funny episodes well, Angel should stick to drama, especially as Spike is the funniest character they’ve had, and he only had one scene in Smile Time. And if they do 4 movies I think they should be Spike, Willow, Xander and Illyria, as all these people love the Jossverse and I reckon they’d all come back as soon as they were asked.
  • I’d choose half of those, the other half I don’t know. Why include both Harmony episodes? And I’d choose Spin the Bottle over Smile Time!
  • > Angel Top 25 Episodes - Xpose Number 26 Special - Article Scans

    14 December 2004 09:35, by gilesdracubabe

    Uh hello? I Will Remember You? Hero? Dead End? Heartthorb? and others - where are they?

    Also, the note at the bottom about James Marsters on Rove Live, he said he’d give Joss five years to do something with Spike - anything - and he’d be there. He didn’t say anything about it being a series of movies of characters.

  • I agree, ’hero’ was a great ep! It made me cry more than anything on Angel! And I also agree with the person who said that if they do 4 movies, they should be Spike, Willow, Xander and Illyria. I want more Xander, NOW!!! And Lorne too, he was as underused as Xander, maybe even more.
  • I totally agree with everybody...I will Remember You should defenitly have been on the list...It is definettively one of the best episodes.. I also think that Your Welcome and Reunion should have been higher on the list......
  • Wheres hero? Its far better than smile time. Who voted for this
  • How on earth did Smile Time, Harm’s Way and That Old Gang of Mine beat out Awakening, Reprise and Apocalypse, Nowish?!? Madness, I say.
  • i agree with all of u i will remember u is the best episode ever in all angel if u ask me this magazine is screwed up & it should do the whole thing again
  • IWRY was the most overrated pile of Drek I’ve ever seen in the history of the whedonverse. Only hardcore B/A loving idiots would consider this crap as a great episode, I for one am thrilled it didn’t make it onto the list.
  • The list was clearly made by the idiotic Spuffy fans - I’m talking about the ones going "David sucks and James Marsters is so hot, so Buffy and Angel never should’ve been together", not the ones who understand the real relationship between Buffy & Angel, why it really didn’t work and think Spike is a better match for her.

    I Will Remember You is a classic episode. The idea of your best moments together with the one you love fading away just to protect her and the final scene were inredibly romantic. They made us remember the pain Angel suffers everytime he’s near Buffy, when he wants to reach out to her but can’t just because his only wish is for her to be safe.

    I’m sorry, but if you really can’t understand how incredible IWRU was, you wasted your years watching both of the shows...