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From S3events.co.uk


The S3 Events UK Convention "Destiny" Will Not Be Going Ahead

Tuesday 8 June 2004, by Webmaster

Hi everyone,

At the moment I don’t have proper internet access so can’t update the website to reflect the below post, although I hope to within the next week, so if anybody could post the following onto any message boards they visit which may have Destiny attendees registered on it to let them know it would be much appreciated.

Our June 2004 event, Destiny, will not be going ahead. All attendees who have booked tickets will be contacted within the next few weeks hopefully through e-mail but if not then via regular mail to discuss refunds and getting their money back etc. If anybody has booked a ticket for the event and changed e-mail address from the one the booked with, can they please e-mail me at s3_events@hotmail.com so I have the correct one to contact you with.

I also want to apologise for the events of the last year. Not just the event itself but the way things have been handled since then. I know they’ve left a lot to be desired and I’ve pushed a lot of peoples patience to the limits. There is no excuse for that so I’m not even going to try to justify it. I know a lot of people seem to think I’m sitting on some tropical beach sipping cocktails spending your money sitting gleefully at what has happened. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When I started to organise The Harvest it was for one reason only, and that was I was a fan of the show. I think it’s fairly obvious to everybody, myself included, that I took on too much and didn’t ask for help when I needed it, or admit when I didn’t know something or was wrong. Again I want to apologise to you all for what has happened and the way I have handled things. I’m also sorry it’s taken 10 months for me to realise this.

If anyone has any questions please e-mail me at the Hotmail address. My internet access is really sparse at the moment so it may take me a week or two to reply to you.

Sincerely, Pauline