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The Serenity Empire webchat transcript

By Geweena

Friday 2 September 2005, by Webmaster

Serenity Webchat Transcript


Here is part of the transcript from the Empire Online Serenity Webchat with Joss Whedon, Morena Baccarin, Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau.

i’m still working on the rest of it but hope to have it up either tomorrow or saturday.


x Georgina

CHRIS: Ladies and gentlemen, the chat is on!!

NATHAN: Word everyone, Word

Angelica: Yay!

Stryder: Woooo

JOSS: Hello, thanks for having me. No questions with math please

MORENA: Hi, I’m here....

JAMES: Thanks for your patience guys

SUMMER: Hi everyone

NATHAN: Joss I have a question

Mac: Joss any plans to bring the cast of serenity over to wonder woman?

JOSS: Ask away Nathan

NATHAN: What is your greatest weakness Joss?

JOSS: Mac, yes, the entire cast of serenity will be playing Steve Trevor

JOSS: Nathan you know its you, baby

DaveB: Please don’t reveal any plot points, but did you have any storylines worked out for Firefly’s first season that ended up in Serenity?

Joss: DaveB, yes, the main plotline that was to run two years is the structure of the movie.

Vader66: Question for Summer, were you told about River’s fighting and psychic abilities from the beginning?

JOSS: Joss, how can you be so sexy and yet so humble?

SUMMER: No, I didn’t know until right before we made the movie.

Lucinda: Hi there, I have a question for Joss. I was sorry to have missed you at the Recent Angel Booster Bash. I’m so excited that you will be doing Wonder Woman as we need a good female superheroine story. I’d like to know though if there are any thoughts / plans for a big screen Buffy/Angel movie? Both SMD and DB have indicated in interviews that they are open to the idea and so many of us want more Buffy and more B/A. Please? If we send you lots of ho-hos since we know you love them?

MORENA: Nathan, stop touching me

JOSS: Well, Joss, I’m glad you asked. It’s not easy, and I trained for years with monks in Tibet who are both humble and sexy - but mostly sexy.

NATHAN: Your fingers type stop, but your eyes type don’t stop.

Jubal: Nathan, how would you describe Mal’s relationship with River?

Will: Nathan, Summer and Morena, how did you feel when you heard there would be a film?

Errhead: For Summer. Many of the other cast members have voice work experience, would you be interested in doing an animated firefly special or series?

JOSS: Lucinda, much as I love ho-hos, I don’t have plans for a Buffy-Angel movie, and I don’t think that Sarah or David are lacking for work.

JOSS: However, I do hope to visit the Buffyverse again soon.

MORENA: Summer and I fainted

SUMMER: Of course, I’d love to.

Lhammond: Joss, what can a Browncoat do to get you directing a Harry Potter movie?

NATHAN: Malcolm is very protective of River. She represents one more thing that he doesn’t want to have taken away from him.

NATHAN: Will, great

Phoenixx: Hey Joss, what’s happening with the Buffy animated series? I need it.

JOSS: lhammond, awesome question, as I was just thinking about this last night.

NATHAN: Will, like this, a new car!

Errhead: For Morena, how do you feel about presenting prostitution in a positive light?

JOSS: They would have to wait until all the books come out, as I refuse to see any Potter film until I have read them all, because she writes better movies than anybody shoots. When she’s done, I’ll go back and watch them and wait for the call to direct number seven.

NATHAN: Morena, your typist looks like she could be your sister.

Angelica: Question for Summer: Do you keep in contact with your fans? By the way, Matt from Starfury:Serenity gives a big "Hey!"

MORENA: I don’t see it as prostitution. I see it as an ambassador....of sex.

Rosanna: Nathan, what would Mal be doing if the Browncoats had won the war?

MORENA: Nathan, stop staring at us

Jubal: Joss, do you have any set plans for the sequels, should there be any?

Demonbunny: For anyone, what was the funniest behind the scene story on the movie?

SUMMER: Yes, once a week I go through my emails and fan-letters and get back to everyone.

NATHAN: Rosanna, celebrating and stitching a flag.

JOSS: Jubal, nothing is set, but my brain is on fire (there are actual flames) with cool ideas to make my actors uncomfortable.

Gilesfan: Joss, what is happening with the Ripper spin-off show?

Trask43: Hi Summer, just wondering if you have any future tv or film projects currently in the works?

JOSS: Gilesfan, Ripper is something that I long to get off the ground. But the ground is very sticky.

NATHAN: Demonbunny, be more specific

Bollbertros: Joss, I know you love Dickens, how much was the character Badger influenced by this and will we see him again?

SUMMER: I’m working on one at the moment in Romania. It’s a sci-fi comedy, really fun.

DaveB: To anyone, the ultimate question, which is better. Alien or Aliens?

NATHAN: Aliens, duh

Mairead: Morena, will you ever use your language skills in a movie? Cause that could be interesting

JOSS: Bollbertros, a lot of my characters have been influenced by Dickens, including Badger. Idon’t know if we’ll see him - I hope so

MORENA: Serenity is better!

NATHAN: But Aliens is nothing without Alien.

Gregd: Why is Serenity’s interior so hard and metaly, surely Mal would want his home to have some nice carpets, maybe some curtains?

Kayley: Summer, are you having fun making the clips for the marketing campaign?

MORENA: Yeah I’d love to. If somebody would write it.

SUMMER: Kayley, it was a whirlwind

Georgina: Hi Summer, I just wanted to know how much of the stuntwork on Serenity you did yourself and also how much fun was it to finally kick some ass!!?

JOSS: schlingel, I don’t know when I can get to Europe. I hope to soon, but I have a lot of work and tiny children.

NATHAN: Carpets cost money and it’s hard to get the blood out.

MobileHQ2: To everyone, what question are you dying to be asked that you haven’t yet? And what is the answer?

Zol: Nathan, in a fight, who would shoot 1st - Han Solo or Mal Reynolds?

SUMMER: Georgina, 95 percent. I felt every punch. It was fun but really, really hard work.

NATHAN: Zol, pre-97, Han Solo. Apres 97, Malcolm Reynolds.

Tace: The Firefly/Serenity cast are brilliant convention guests. Will you all still attend conventions when the film takes off and you become even more famous?

12thMonkey: Joss, which character would you say that you based most on yourself?

JOSS: MobileHQ2, I got nothing.

Phoenixx: shag pile carpets would do wonders.


SUMMER: We will never forget our fans and if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have made this film.

NATHAN: I plan on becoming a recluse, growing my fingernails to extraordinary lengths and jarring my own urine!

JOSS: Trace, while Nathan is becoming a recluse, I will be trolling the conventions for loose women with, needless to say, poor eyesight.

Mart: Was River ever going to have that sort of fight in the series?

MORENA: Joking... you guys are responsible for keeping us on the air. We’ll always be grateful.

JOSS: Mart, we would never have had the time and money to train and set up a fight like that in a series. That’s why I love the movie.

Zol: Joss, will we ever see that moment that Mal and Inara spend a night of passion together?

NATHAN: River was always fighting like that in the series, but on the inside and behind the scenes.

JOSS: Zol, what do you mean ‘moment’? That’s going to be at least a minute and twenty-eight seconds.

ChewieOz: How do you keep your egos in check, since you are all so talented, funny and good-looking?

NATHAN: Are you saying you like to watch?

NATHAN: Egos in what?

SUMMER: Nathan keeps beating me down.

MaskedDave: Joss, which is better to make, a TV series or a movie?

MORENA: Nathan keeps us in check.

JOSS: Chewie, I have more humbility ( see above re Tibet ) than those losers combined. That’s how I do it.

Jenova: Summer, how does it feel to be the main focus of the Big Damn Movie?

Eileen: How keeps Nathan in check?


NATHAN: I’m preparing them for the harshness of real life, lest the world crush them in its icy grip.

Ste: Now there is a firefly movie, do you have plans to get a 2 Guys and a Girl movie off the ground?

JOSS: MaskedDave, I love both, They’re very different, so I tire of neither.

SUMMER: Jenova, like a good dream that I never wake up from.

Chloesmom: Joss, did you get all 35 birthday banners?

Gregd: Did Adam Baldwin get to keep Vera, or did Nathan steal it to sell on Ebay?

Lhaamond: How’s Adam’s ego going?

NATHAN: Ste, let it die.

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