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From Buffy Magazine

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The Top Twenty of the Sexiest Men in Buffy & Angel - Buffy Magazine Poll

Thursday 21 October 2004, by Webmaster

The Buffy Mag published the top twenty of the sexiest men on both shows, who were voted by the fans. Suprised about the number one ?

1. Spike - 58%

2. Angel - 23%

3. Wesley - 8%

4. Xander - 3%

5. Giles - 1%

6. Riley - 1%

7. Oz - 1%

8. Lindsey - 1%

9. Andrew - 1%

10. Gunn - 0.72%


11. Doyle

12. Lorne

13. Connor

14. Jonathan

15. Warren

16. Forrest

17. Principal Wood

18. The Mayor

19. Owen

20. Caleb

What the magazine wrote about the top winner:

SEXIEST MOMENT/EPISODE: Spike gout our temperatures rising quite a bit by appearing semi-naked several times — but he could not have been sexier when he cuddled up to Buffy in "Touched," held her, looked after her, and simply watched her sleep. Ahhhh, how romantic!

WHY WE THINK HE’S SEXY: Spike’s a combination of what everyone wants. He’s strong and can look after himself, while at the same time he’s vulnerable, sensitive and not afraid to speak his feelings and wear his heart on his sleeve. He’s just wicked enough that you can’t help finding him exciting, but he’s also very charming. But perhaps the sexiest thing of all is that he changed who he was because he wanted to be a better person, for himself and the woman that he loved. Oh, and we suppose his killer physique, sparkling eyes and wicked sense of humor might also have something to do with it.

IDEAL DATE SCENARIO FOR SPIKE: A Ramones concert, followed by a splot of pool at the Bronze, with onion flowers and Buffalo wings to eat, or a visit to a poetry reading, then cuddling up in front of his favorite show, _Passions_, with the girl of his dreams (or should that be _fantasies_.

SPIKE’S LOVE STATUS: Old Blondie Bear has always been a bit of a hit with the ladies (though, sadly, we can’t say the same for poor William). First there was Drusilla, then there was Harmony, then there was Buffy, then — very briefly — there was Anya, but in the end, Buffy was the girl that won Spike’s undying love. Spike is currently single — and will, no doubt, be there when Buffy comes into his life again.

17 Forum messages

  • Spike is the classic beast. It’s no surprise that women fall for him. People write their dissertations about the beauty & the beast phenomenon.
  • Oh, c’mon- Wood got beat out by Forrest, Jonathan and Warren?!?! Why are Buffy’s intentionally *un*sexy misogenists on here? I guess there aren’t as many male protagonists in the Buffyverse.... Oh, well, Spike is the sexiest guy in there. But I love them all! *prays that inevitable onslaught of Spike-bashers don’t attack this article*
  • There is no way that this poll is right. Granted both vamps are only liked because of their looks. But Wes and Xander under 10%?

    The Spike fans had a voting binge. Spike fans are the only ones I know who can love a guy who tries to rape his almost girlfriend to get her to like him. Hell they even made a inkworks card out of it.

  • Oh gawd... why can’t people get over it. This is a show! (Great though - but a show) I am a Spike fan and I think he’s damn sexy but there are other sexy men on the show and each one has a unique charm to himself! Just think: Why it’s "always" Spike who comes out on top? Well, duh - guess it’s the fans that do the voting and seemingly there are more Spike fans voting often and regularly than other fans. Yes, he’s sexiest man for me - but Angel, Wesley,Gunn and Forrest are on his heels.

    Everyone is entitled to have his or her own opinion and yet there a lot of ’stupid poopheads’ that just have to bitch about it. I love Buffy and Angel, both shows, and of course there’s one or the other character I don’t like (or even can’t stand) and it’s all right to say that but could you please stop insulting the character or even the actor him-/herself! That is totally childish and narrow-minded.

    As for the AR... again, people it’s a show! It served the reasons for why Spike made the final decision to get his soul back. There’s no losing or regaining your soul in real life! It is all about your character and attitudes blablabla - that’s what makes your personality. Same situation in real life - unless your are "a little" twisted you wouldn’t want to get back with someone like that. On the show - You can finally believe that someone bad can definitely turn to someone good again... sigh... how wonderful... just enjoy that and then CARRY ON!

  • Why would Xander apologize to Buffy and Willow? He was under the influence of the hyena. It wasn’t him who hurt them! He was helpless when it happened.

    As for Spike, I thought the poll was about the sexiest male NOT the best character. And the almost rape thing, I’ve got to say that poeople seems to forget that he’s a demon, he shouldn’t be thinking about what is right or wrong. He didn’t have a soul when he tried to hurt the Buff, but I guess it was Joss’ fault since he made Spike more human the moment he fell for Buffy. I guess that’s why people forgets that he’s acutally a VAMPIRE!

    Anyway people the show is over and please stop the Spike bashing, it’s annoying. As for me if there was the cutest male poll, it is going to be the Xan-man for sure. He’s sooooo sweet!

    See online : hey!

  • I’m shocked, shocked I tell you that 23% of the voters voted for Angel. Don’t they remember that he killed Jenny and tried to torture and kill Buffy and her friends? If Angel were half the vamp that Spike was, he would have gotten a permanent soul like Spike did so that there would be no way that he could lose it again and murder and rape more people.

    Spike rules. Angel drools. :)

  • Year after year. Next year Buffy/Angel will open in some new market and somene will do a poll and 55-75% will list Spike as their favorite character and 5-10% will bitch and moan and say that it was a fake poll and they don’t agree and that many more hate Spike than are showig in the poll. Twenty years from now a "Remember Buffy" poll will come out and 55-75% will list Spike as their favorite character, or "the sexiest" and 5-10% will foam at the mouth and insist that it’s inaccurate and that as Spike-hates, they are the majority. In fifty years.....you get the picture. Y’all have the right to dislike Spike. Get together. Enjoy each others company. But there are no converts to be made out here. If we care we’ve chosen, if we don’t care, we’re not going to. It seems the majority will always be drawn to this character. Let them enjoy him. Let others of us choose our favorites or enjoy the mix. AND AS AN AFFECTED FEMALE I ASK YOU TO SHUT UP ABOUT RAPE AND STOP TRIVIALIZING THE ISSUE. Don’t insult me by saying it’s not about the fact that you don’t like the character, or it’s not about ships or any other bullshit. If you’re going on about it at this point you’re using it. I wasn’t happy with the show doing it and I’m sure as hell not happy with you doing it. RAPE: IT’S NOT FOR SILLY FAN BULLSHIT! Get it? Got it? Good.
  • I sort of thought Sid the dummy was hot. >_> And gee, can we get over the attempted rape? Angelus’ probably raped Jenny’s dead body. Not saying he did, I’m saying he might’ve. Plus, Angelus raped women, and so did Spike when he was with Angelus. So just get over it, will you? Zeesh. But, yeah, I thought Sid the dummy was hot. Anyone else agree? ^_^
  • Angel is way hotter then Spike. ATleast Angel doesn’t have wrinkles on his face unlike some other vampire.
  • Perhaps the magazines should run "least liked characer" in a poll. In a way, polls do give you an idea now. My bet for the winner by at least a double digit pecentage? Buffy.
  • Will people just STOP arguing about this stuff! if you want to go THAT far- Buffy is a murderous bitch, too, cos she happily stabbed faith- a HUMAN- cos angel was gonna die- so does that make her EVIL? not justifying spike here- i will NEVER do that- just saying EVERY character has done things that are morally wrong- thats why they come across as real humans rather than cardborad cut-outs. and i am really disturbed by the amount of people on here justifying spike’s AR- regardless of what the hell he was- it was wrong- and made even worse, cos we got to see that spike COULD be relatively good without a soul, which angel could actually never achieve. oh yeah- and in Billy, he brought out a primeval mysogyny in men, that resides in all of them, according to the episode. the fact that fred was a woman was the cause of wes’s anger towards her. she didnt do anything. he was under the influence- and did that person who mentioned it actually see the ending, where he wept because of his actions, and was completely thrown by what he felt he was capable of. i dont know about xander- havent seen the episode- but if he was under the influence- he doenst deserve to be punished for it- just as angel’s friends accept that he ISNT Angelus. Spike’s actions were atrocious, but the fact that he was shocked by what he had done added another layer to his character. the gaining of his soul also showed that he was disgusted by his actions- so it kind of redeems him just a little.
  • Hey look, nobody listened to my prayer :-( *sigh* Oh, well, the real reason Spike is sexy is because of his ambiguities. You could just disect him forever. People who don’t like him look at it in such a black-and-white way: "He did mean things, therefore he’s a stinky poophead!" He was never black-and-white, despite the wardrobe choices. And, y’know..........he’s hot!
  • I personally think doyle should be number 3. Those eyes and that accent make me go all gooshy. Spike and angel are in the right place though. Buffy and Angel were both very sexy shows.
  • Guys, guys, guys...we’re missing the main point here: where the hell is Percy’s name on this list? I must’ve missed it.
  • Spike is a bad person. He rape buffy and also tried to kill her. Doyle should get it he died to save millions of people. Spike did too but who didn’t come back. And plus doyle is really dead in real life. So, who deserves it. James marsters did really bad things in real life. It doesn’t who is just the hottest it also is who deserves it. All of you should be ashamed of yourself. Want u go to bed and dream about your sexy spike and think about what you done? U people make me sick
  • Uh, this is a popularity contest because if this was actually based on looks Lindsey and Riley would be a lot higher up. That being said. I love Wesley and Xander. But this def. wasn’t based on looks.