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The latest fan effort to bring back Firefly

Monday 10 September 2012, by Webmaster

Action Hero Robot, True Renegades of Videography, Are Bringing Firefly Back

Action Hero Robot is looking to do the impossible by convincing Joss Whedon they have what takes to get Firefly back on the air. With a budget of almost 2 and a half million dollars they look to breathe fire back into the hearts and minds of its fan base.

Action Hero Robot CEO Fredrick Leicht has had a penchant for this genre since childhood. What inspired him to write was a great event that happened on May 4th, 1977, which was the first time he saw Star Wars. Action Hero Robot is comprised of some of the finest CG and Graphic Artists, who have worked on projects for such high profile artists as Ed Asner, Jewel, Billy Corgan, and more.

For more information, please visit http://www.actionherorobot.com/.

In addition to fundraising through Kickstarter and private investors, Firefly fans can help bring Firefly: A New Beginning into fruition. This pilot episode already has a great cast lined up, including Bobbie Christina, and a script that is begging to be put on TV screens across America. In exchange for financial assistance, fans will get exclusive access to the pilot episode of the series. This is a short term offer; however, as it will not be released to the general public until the series is officially released.

To show your support, head over to http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/206788?a=1047376.

Firefly fans can also show their support for A New Beginning by signing up on Facebook as a fan of the show. At the Facebook site, fans will have exclusive access to all the latest Firefly news. They will also have access to the indiegogo link to see how well their fundraising efforts are going.

Visit the site at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Firefly-A-New-Beginning/372549926148941.

This is an exciting time for both western and sci-fi fans alike, as the show is a hybrid of both genres. Support this venture any way you can, and help bring quality programming back to television.