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Sarah Michelle Gellar

The thing that made me like you (even more) : Sarah Michelle Gellar edition

Tuesday 24 June 2008, by Webmaster

For EW’s 1000th issue (pictured, out now), I chatted with Sarah Michelle Gellar about the "new classic" male TV characters she wishes she could play. ("New classic" meaning they’ve been on the air during the last 25 years.) Check out her Top 10 list here, minus the pretty photo you’ll see in the magazine.

I’m a Buffy fan, so I’ve always had a soft spot for SMG. But I like her even more now that I’ve witnessed her struggling to choose between Butters and Cartman from South Park. (She ultimately picked Cartman because, "No one gets better dialogue on television than Cartman. No one.") One of her favorites that didn’t make the final cut was equally inspired: "I want to be the guy who marries Corky Sherwood, and makes her Corky Sherwood-Forest!" she said. "I would be any of the characters on Murphy Brown, just because that’s my favorite show." Even this guy... "Do you remember the Murphy Brown where Murphy was interviewing some guy and he died in the middle of the interview? That was always my favorite."

Who else likes her (even more)?