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TheWb.com’s Angel Board Will Die Friday, June 4th 2004

Wednesday 2 June 2004, by Webmaster

It’s the end of the era this upcoming Friday night as the WB’s ANGEL message board is taken down.

Posted by WBCandyce at 06-01 21:18:00:

I promised you I would give notice as to when the Angel board will be taken down. This is not something I’ve looked forward to having to tell you.

The board goes down at 11:59pm ET on Friday night.

Also, I will able move TWO threads to General. The reason I am saying two threads now is because we have moved many FF and RPGs to the FF board that are still active. Two is a reasonable number, as we cannot let General become just another Angel Board. Decide among yourselves which two threads get moved and let me know here. I’d suggest a cafe-type thread for socializing and an Angel discussion thread, but it’s up to you.

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