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There’s some good news for Angel fans

Sunday 18 April 2004, by Webmaster

What is it with television execs these days? Folks are going to be scared to like a show for fear that it’ll be axed a couple of weeks later? Granted, “Angel”, has been going for five seasons, but it’s still one of the best written and most entertaining shows on Television. And then there’s ‘Wonderfalls’, one of the most acclaimed shows of the season, and it didn’t even last a handful of episodes. And what I don’t get is UPN not picking up ‘Angel’, but then going ahead and greenlighting a new sitcom to reunite Corey Haim and Corey Feldman!?. So as you watch your favourite TV show this weekend - be it ‘Gilmore Girls’, ‘Smallville’, even ‘Access Hollywood’ - try not to let anyone know that you’re enjoying it too much. Someone who has the power to end that fleeting feeling of elation might just feel the need to do so.

The folks behind this ’Save Angel’ campaign have done a remarkable job. Rise from your seat and give them a round of applause. I bet they’ve given a few WB execs a small feel of guilt - and even a chill down the spine. As for any of the networks that have passed on the obviously popular series, ’watch your back jack’, seems a fitting enough warning.

The good news? There’s an "Angel/Buffy" movie coming, according to E Online today, the bad news? "Angel" isn’t going to get a sixth season. No chance.

E Online’s Kristin weighed in with the current status of “Angel” - and, well, nothing’s changed. It’s still headed for the scrap heap.

“I’ve spent considerable time over the past few weeks talking to network, studio and production insiders, as well as a few of the actors (we’ll get to them below), and I can tell you this with a fair amount of certainty: Angel is not coming back. At least not as the weekly TV series we now know and love. It sucks, and it’s wretched and wrong. But the sooner we all accept that, the sooner we can move on”, she says.

"It’s over," James Marsters (Spike) tells the site. "And we’ve known for a while. It was a shock. I’ve never in my wildest dreams thought they would do that. But it’s their game, their football, and it seems they want to pass it to someone else."

"It may not have saved the show," he explained, "but what it does for the entire cast and crew is give us a little pop as we go out. Everyone takes notice that we connected well enough with the audience to give them that passion...And I have to tell you, it feels so good. After all these years of, frankly, battling time and money and always having to give up what you were planning to do and getting frustrated, at the end of it, to see everyone really going out of their way to try and save it, it just feels really, really good. So, big warm vampire fuzzies over here. It really took the sting out of getting canceled."

Amy Acker (Fred) also weighed in Thursday before going to set for her final day of shooting. "I guess they had just sort of decided the cancellation was for good, at a point. So, it seems so sad all these people were working so hard and nothing happened. The whole thing has been so sweet, and we all have been like, ’Oh maybe it will work!’ But it seems like they’re pretty set in their way."

"I just keep crying, and everyone is like, ’Stop it! Or I’ll cry, too.’ It’s hard because last Friday was Alexis’ last night, and yesterday was Andy’s last day. And today will be everyone’s. It’s hard to imagine you won’t be spending 12 hours a day with them anymore."

Adds Kristin, “That’s the consensus I’ve gotten from various sources — the WB suits aren’t changing their minds on Angel. Though the cancellation seemed like a whack-job, crack-induced whim to us fans, Frog net insiders tell me the higher-ups feel strongly that Angel had "limited moneymaking potential," due to limited advertising revenue and what they consider to be a substantial budget. The fan base is clearly devoted, but these bigwigs see little hope of that audience expanding.”

“Still, the best news is this: According to sources, the finale is supremely open-ended (Amy says it "opens new doors" and "doesn’t tie up any strings"), and I hear the Powers That Be at the WB have approached Joss Whedon about doing at least a movie-of-the-week or two (possibly as many as six) next season—thanks in large part to the folks at Save Angel. "I think a Buffy movie is more likely to happen now," James said, "and they may be given better budgets, seeing this kind of interest, because there’s a feeling that there’s a guaranteed audience. So, the effort that I’ve seen, it is not in vain."

And what’s amusing is who’s having the last laugh. Charisma Carpenter. Carpenter was fired from "Angel" last season by Whedon. Now, UPN has nabbed Carpenter and has lined her up to star in her own sitcom. The kicker? UPN passed on "Angel".

What a fickle web we weave.

13 Forum messages

  • > There’s some good news for Angel fans

    19 April 2004 09:25, by Anonymous
    Charisma wasn’t fired she quit, unless Iv’e missed someting.
  • > There’s some good news for Angel fans

    19 April 2004 12:11, by Anonymous
    She was fired- both her and Joss have given interviews to confirm that.
  • > There’s some good news for Angel fans

    19 April 2004 13:57, by Joey-Anya
    Charisma was not fired. Ok, if she was then that’s just stupid. But I don’t think she was. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Cordelia’s storylines were finished, and Charisma wanted to move on to motherhood for a while, 1 year or so.
  • > There’s some good news for Angel fans

    19 April 2004 16:53, by Dru
    Charisma wasn’t really fired, and she didn’t really quit. When she gave birth to her son, she wanted to come back to Angel, but Joss had wrapped up Cordy’s storyline.
  • > There’s some good news for Angel fans

    19 April 2004 16:58, by nick
    she was fired, it was a whole cover up thing for ages. basically, she didnt tell joss about her pregnancy until it was too late, then they incorporated it into season 4. after which, joss was so pissed off, that he decided to give her the boot as it would have been weird going from there. so basically yes she was fired. do you really think that they would get rid of cordelia becaue her story lines had run out, i mean they have milked so much of every other character in the joss verse. there was a whole ploy for a redemption thing. so again, yes , fired.
  • > There’s some good news for Angel fans

    19 April 2004 17:50, by Anonymous
    What was she fired for? Was there an argument or was it an "amicable split" so to speak?
  • > There’s some good news for Angel fans

    19 April 2004 21:03, by Anonymous
    According to an interview I read with Charisma, she was neither fired nor quit. She was basically never told either way if she was coming back, and then shooting started without her, so that’s how she knew. It was never official told to her that her character was gone. That’s what she said at the beginning of the season, anyway...
  • > There’s some good news for Angel fans

    19 April 2004 22:20, by Wolverine68

    The WB offering movies is not something that came about from the Save Angel movement, but somethiung they have been talking about with Joss from day one of the cancellation.

    I suppose they know, even if they don’t want to admit it that Angel should be renewed. Yet they want to stick to their plan and end it this year.

    Personally, I think it should end on Joss’s watch, and no one else’s. If anything, at least it went out on it’s highest note in years, not like Buffy that should have quit two years earlier for it’s high note.

    As for Charisma, I have heard nothing of her being fired, except a few people squaking online, but no articles or interviews.

    Why would Whedon fire her? If so, why would she come back? I would like to see one of these Joss interviews where he talks about her being fired. Interviews that she has done she talks about it beign time to do other things.

    The ultimate irony is WB is thinking of picking up Wonderfalls, after just ending their best show.

  • Charisma wasn’t fired.

    19 April 2004 22:30, by Jack
    She was unceremoniously dumped. And both she and Joss have confirmed that in their own way. It was miracle they got her back for "You’re Welcome."
  • > There’s some good news for Angel fans

    19 April 2004 23:46, by Anonymous
    Um where have you been? She was let go(FIRED). It is pretty ironic. See, Joss. KARMA.
  • > There’s some good news for Angel fans

    20 April 2004 00:24, by Kate
    Okay, guys, one last time: SHE WAS FIRED. I wouldn’t have want her kept on, but still don’t let that detract from this simple fact: She was FIRED. Joss has said so, Charisma gave interviews to Tvguide and such saying so, and why would they lie about somethng like that? hmm?
  • > There’s some good news for Angel fans

    21 April 2004 03:14, by Wolverine68

    Joss having his show canceled cause he fired CC is not bad karma. The WB was out to screw him over, from before that.

    And I want to knwo why she was fired, if she was. And where I can see thsese interviews.

  • > There’s some good news for Angel fans

    24 April 2004 02:31, by Buffy Fan
    Nah, She quit!