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Friday 9 May 2003, by Webmaster

From: Tim Minear (timminear@aol.com) Subject: Re: Tim’s Gone

View this article only Newsgroups: alt.tv.angel Date: 2003-05-05 19:26:52 PST

>>I’m sure Whedon wouldn’t say no to letting Minear run that, they’re like sick, identical twins seperated at birth, but it looks like he has other irons in the fire. <<

Awww. I can’t wait to show that to Joss. (that wasn’t sarcasm. Mean it.)

Truth is, I had worked out a show called "Faith." And I was going to create and run it, but Eliza decided to go a different direction. And that’s why we decided to put spin-offs on hold for the moment.


Date Posted: 10:17:18 05/08/03 Thu Author: Tim Minear Author Host/IP: AC87DE73.ipt.aol.com / Subject: Re: Tim Minear will stay on Angel, no move to "Wonder Falls" In reply to: Simon ’s message, "Tim Minear will stay on Angel, no move to "Wonder Falls"" on 10:17:18 05/08/03 Thu

That is incorrect. I’m doing "wonderfalls."