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Tim Minear answers to Angel Cancellation Rumors

Saturday 15 March 2003, by Webmaster

Date Posted: 11:57:54 03/14/03 Fri Author: Tim Minear Author Host/IP: AC92A7D7.ipt.aol.com / Subject: Re: Just some words of comfort on this "cancellation" rumour In reply to: Esmerelda ’s message, "Just some words of comfort on this "cancellation" rumour" on 11:57:54 03/14/03 Fri

DubDub clued me in on the worries floating about. Here’s what I have to say:

Calm down already.

We haven’t been picked up yet. Haven’t been cancelled either. Joss, Greenie, Jeff Bell and me’uns have worked out where the show’s going next season and it’s exciting. The ratings *have* bumped up, more to the point the desired demographics have spiked a bit, particularly on this last episode. USA Today and other publications are singing our praises. "Angel" has proven itself a strong and consistent performer for the network. It works about the same on any night theym toss us, works about the same whether we’re after a new episode of another show or a repeat. There are a lot of good reasons for the network to order us for a fifth year. We’re hoping they will. Personally, given where we want to take the show, I think creatively "Angel" could go on for at least two more years — maybe more.

Some great episodes coming up, by the way.