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Top Selling Tv Titles : Year-to-date - Angel Season 5 DVD is #10

Thursday 19 May 2005, by Webmaster

Rank Title (label/distributor) Release Revenue
1 FRIENDS: SEASON 9 (WB) 3/8/2005 23.8
2 SEX AND THE CITY: SEASON 6 PT. 2 (HBO/WB) 12/28/2004 19.4
3 DEADWOOD: SEASON 1 (WB) 2/8/2005 15.2
4 CHARMED: SEASON 1 (PAR) 2/1/2005 14.6
5 SOUTH PARK: SEASON 5 (PAR) 2/22/2005 13.7
6 THE SIMPSONS: SEASON 5 (FOX) 12/21/2004 13.3
7 ONE TREE HILL: SEASON 1 (WB) 1/25/2005 11.6
8 CURB ENTHUSIASM: SEASON 3 (HBO/WB) 1/18/2005 11.5
9 SEINFELD: 1-2 SEASONS (SONY) 11/23/2004 10.8
10 ANGEL: SEASON 5 (FOX) 2/15/2005 10.6

11 THE O.C.: SEASON 1 (WB) 10/26/2004 10.5
12 MIAMI VICE: SEASON 1 (UNI) 2/8/2005 9.7
13 24: SEASON 3 (FOX) 12/7/2004 9.2
14 FAMILY GUY: SEASONS 1 & 2 (FOX) 4/15/2003 8.4 15 THE WEST WING: SEASON 4 (WB) 4/5/2005 8.3

10 Forum messages

  • erghhh, charmed!
  • Is anyone else surprised that Buffy isn’t on there? I would have thought that Buffy would beat out Angel...
  • Yeah but as we all know the later seasons of Buffy were garbage (if you’re one of the few who like them you can’t deny the huge controversy surrounding s6 + s7, with SMG and MT publicly complaining about the direction of the show).

    I suspect most people have purchased Buffy through s5.

  • How the hell is CHARMED number 4??? The stupid cheap DVD didn’t even have 1 special feature...It didn’t even have scene selections and stuff like that. How can it have sold so well??? WOW! I am suprised that Charmed has a bigger fanbase than Buffy/Angel - but then again Charmed has been going longer.
  • Sorry to break it to you, but Charmed is better then Angel by far, and its selling so well because its took so long for it to be released and fans of the show are buying it as they have had to wait for so long.
  • since when has charmed been going longer? this is the eighth season coming this fall, so it’s JUST overtaking Buffy’s 7 year run, but still, Buffy was on long before charmed (3 yrs i think)
  • hah! charmed better than Angel?! what planet do you live on? clearly the one filled with stupid, cheap special effects, absolutely NO metaphorical content whatsoever, and, simply put, BAD acting... i hope that stupid show ends soon.
  • I do like seasons six and seven of Buffy - yes SMG didn’t like s.6 but if you read any interviews with her I think she stated the opinion s.7 was a return to form. Anyway whatever SMG and MT say their opinions are still only that. I get a bit sick of people just dismissing the last two seasons of Buffy any chance they get - anything that had OMWF and CWDP in it had to at least have that was redeaming features.
  • I actually liked the last 2 seasons of Buffy. I thought that season 7 had a lack of publicity and they didn’t even make publicity photos for the season, & you could totally tell that SMG had had enough of Buffy, but it was still a good season. Charmed sucks, I have never liked that show. The Buffy DVDs are way better quality & FOX has always tried their hardest to get the most & best special features. Buffy all the way (& Angel)!
  • I’m quite frankly a bit sick of people slagging off the last two seasons of Buffy - people who did like them are not idiots and should not be taked to as such. The interview I read with SMG gave the impression that she actually thought season seven was a return to form although I grant you she didn’t like s.6 - her contention being that in her opinion Buffy wouldn’t have behaved like that I don’t think she understands that depression like Buffy was unquestionably suffering from does make people do extreme things just to feel something. At the end of the day SMG and MT’s opinions are just that opinions. Just because they didn’t like something doesn’t mean I’m not free to disagree with them.