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Two Serenity RPG supplements confirmed

Tuesday 18 October 2005, by Webmaster

[Serenity]Game line new books?

To clear this up...

Yes, there are two additional products that are guaranteed for the Serenity RPG line. The first is the GM Screen that will be out next month, complete with a minis-scale poster map of the Serenity deckplans. Great as either a player aid or for those who actually use minis in their game. The second will be an adventure product. We’ve got Tracy Hickman writing an amazing story that I can’t wait to share with the world.

Our license was limited to three products, with more possible pending approval from our licensor, Universal Studios. We have proposed to additional supplements and accessories for next year, but ultimately the decision rests with them. When we have an announcement, you’ll see it over on www.serenityrpg.com and all the forums I can find.

I’d love to give this game line full support. The fans certainly seem to be enjoying it, both as a companion to the film and as a good RPG. If I can make more stuff for you guys, you can count on seeing it on store shelves.

Jamie Chambers
Vice President
Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.