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Two Serenity Screenings in Philadelphia on February 2006


Monday 30 January 2006, by Webmaster

I manage an independent movie theater in Philadelphia, PA and also happen to be a major browncoat.

After handing out copies of Serenity to the staff for christmas, I won enough converts to convince the theater owner to book Serenity for two screenings as part of our midnight movie series.

It screens at midnight on Friday Feb. 10th and Sat. Feb 11th. And it’s in our 320 seat theater on 35mm.

Our midnight series is a lot of fun AND if Serenity does well, there’s a great chance we’ll be able to bring it back every year - hopefully to keep the cult status growing...

Go to:


for info and directions - the midnite movies are listed at the bottom of the page. The theater is on Route 30, on the "main line" - a suburban stretch right outside Philadelphia, PA.

I’ve also been talking to Lisa Lassek, the editor of the film, about coming and doing a Q&A at the theater (she’s from Bryn Mawr originally), although NOT this screening. But if we get a good crowd, it will help convice her to come in the future AND get us another screening!

So please come on out and fill the theater! I can’t wait to see the BDM on the big screen again AND get paid for it!


Ben Hickernell


Bryn Mawr Film Institute