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UIP Launch Australia’s Serenity Website

Tuesday 19 July 2005, by Webmaster

Click on the link :


Joss Whedon Welcomes the Australian Fans of ’Serenity’

Hello, fellow Australians! Yes, I say "fellow" because I was actually born in Australia! Not many people know that, because it’s a total lie.

But I have been to Australia many times and no, again, just lying. Okay, everything I know about Australia is that Angie Hart is really cool and that if you say "Shrimp on the Barbie" to an Australian they are legally allowed to strangle you.

Yet I feel a great kinship with all of you. Why? ’Cause we’re BROWNCOATS, guys. We all fought together, we all suffered the same losses and the same triumphs. Although our websites may be far apart (um, is there such a thing as ’far’ in cyberspace?) our hearts are close.

So welcome to the official Serenity Oz site. You’re here, and that means you’re family. We’re all family, which means none of us can legally marry.


Have a good time here, then have a good time at Serenity (the film) and then have a good time at Serenity (again), then rest.

You’ve earned it.

Yours truly, Joss.

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