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UK magazine FilmFocus declare Serenity #1 film of the year in their 25 favourite flicks

Thursday 29 December 2005, by Webmaster

Introduction... The challenge: to find our twenty-five favourite films of 2005 and spit them out in list form.

The trouble is, we’re not big on list making here at FilmFocus. We’re generally of the opinion that asking for one’s favourite movie is the most torturous question imaginable when over one hundred years of cinema have defined movies that just can’t be favoured over others.

But with a one-year remit we put our heads together, took a look back through our archive of reviews for the year, mused on which films were the most fun to write about this year and took onboard the rantings and ravings [shouldn’t that be valued opinions? -Ed] of you wonderful and shiny readers to come up with the twenty-five movies that made the most impact with us this year. Not all of them walked away with five stars out of the gate, but each of them earned a place on the list for one reason or another. And so, looking forward to 2006, this was 2005...

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