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UPDATED - James Marsters & Amy Acker & Tom Lenk Sign for Angel Project ??

Monday 7 June 2004, by Webmaster

If there is any movie or series playing in the Angelverse we are likely to see Spike, Illyria and Andrew again.

Despite any rumors we have heard, as of recent, concerning ANGEL’s future - in the latest issue of ANGEL magazine (Issue 4) - it has been confirmed that James Marsters, Amy Acker and Tom Lenk have signed on to do whatever lies ahead for ANGEL, wether it be TV movies, a sixth season, or a possible big screen movie - we will definetly be seeing Spike, Illyria and Andrew in the mix. Although James and Amy are going to be involved in their own projects for the next few months, they have cofirmed that they will be part of ANGEL’s future.

UPDATE : Message from Tara Dillulo Angel Mag Writer

I am a contributing writer for the magazine and there isn’t anything in the fourth issue of The Official Angel Magazine that confirms any of what is on that bulletin board. The only truth is that James, Amy and Tom all say in their interviews that they would all be interested in continuing their characters, but that is all. There is nothing officially announced about future plans in that issue, which came out in April - http://www.titanmagazines.com/usaangel.html

TaraDi | June 07, 21:06 CET

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