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UPN To Pass On ’Angel’ !

By Michael Hinman

Tuesday 2 March 2004, by Webmaster

UPN To Pass On ’Angel’

Author: Michael Hinman

Date: 03-01-2004

Source: SyFy Portal

If UPN is going to grab any show from The WB, it apparently will not be the popular "Angel" series, which wasn’t popular enough with overall viewers to keep it on the air.

While fans are going out of their way to try and save the show, one network that was a ray of light, apparently is going to pass on the opportunity to bring Joss Whedon back to its airwaves.

A Viacom source tells SyFy Portal that UPN is reportedly going to say no to bringing the series over from The WB, putting the final nail in the coffin for the series.

"The show is just too far in its lifespan to really make decent money on it," the source said. "It was a mistake for UPN to grab ’Buffy’ so late, and it ended up costing (the network) money. ’Roswell’ is another example of how it just isn’t feasible for UPN at this time."

The WB cancelled "Angel" last month, effective at the end of the current season. In the announcement, The WB said it wanted to give the series a chance to end the way the producers want it to end, and that this would be a fitting way to do it. After the cancellation, the producers apparently opened up talks with UPN, but even at the beginning, some people connected to the show admitted that earning a UPN pickup was a "long shot."

Please note that none of this information has been confirmed by UPN or Twentieth Century Fox Television — which produces "Angel" — and should be treated as any other rumor would be treated.

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  • > UPN To Pass On ’Angel’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 March 2004 17:45, by Angel fan + Buffy fan , Amy
    I think Angel should just be back on WB!! the show’s been doing great! & it had its 100 anniversary!!! Whedon is doing an excelleant job on the show! Angel need to stay on WB like always! intell the cast does’not want Angel to be back on air?! or everyone is getting sick of Angel? and or bad reveiws. then it’s tme to plug the show! but for now Let David & the rest of te cast be on WB! until they want the show to be really over.sincerly Angel & Buffy fan, Amy....
  • > UPN To Pass On ’Angel’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 March 2004 22:13, by Anonymous
    If a show like Stargate (great show by the way) can get into an 8th season, why not ANgel (another great show)?
  • > UPN To Pass On ’Angel’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 March 2004 22:30, by broilingh8
    i think we need to all go out and vote here at the next election cause its the only thing thats going to save all the things we love im seeing new laws created, shows being cancled or on suspension such as howerd stern. a whole clear channel takeover ive noticed it right down to my favorite radio stations what an effect censorship from christian conservitives in power has on our favorite shows movies and radio its killing me that no one has opted to make that connection if you think about it last season of angel was a turning point when jasmine was born again and killed by conner that had a large negetive effect on the people who are throwing around the money right now it hit them too close to home and made them think too much they thought it blashphemous conner’s fist driving right through the head of what could have been their jesus thats not to say it would have been gunned for regardless because of the mass amount of free thought the show makes you deal with hey ask me sometime about how i think freddy prince jr. pimp slapped us all and how he controls peoples minds by smiling at them isnt that right gellar you sell out sit sarah sit good dog ruff ruff oh that wasnt to harsh was it considering shes a millionaire icon and im some jerk complaining about how i just want my favorite show on the air how selfish of me and go ahead and talk smack i know she pays people to defend her up in here
  • This fifth season of Angel, despite a dwindling number of scribes who called it clever and critically acclaimed, has been lackluster and far below its once stellar standard.

    I, for one, once a die hard Angel fanatic, no longer arrange my schedule to catch the show. I used to watch it, and tape it: dying to re-view the episode to make sure I saw it all. But this year, why bother? The characters have become unlikable: Angel bored, brooding (what, again?) and drifting aimlessly; Gunn is super-lawyer, and smarmingly self-centered and Machiavellian; Fred still talks nonstop, and is physician, physicist, and research scientist extraordinaire; Wes has little to no screen time; and Lorne has a cell phone permanently up to his ear. Who cares?

    (And then there is Eve, some sort of she demon who simply sucks the life and energy from every scene she wanders into.)

    The family vibe is gone. The Wolfram and Hart set looks something like a new county library, minus the books. And the dialogue for almost the first ten episodes this season involved droning on and endlessly on about battling evil from the inside, doing more good with all these resources, yada yada. It was tedious.

    The mission of helping the helpless feels more like helping THEMSELVES. Self interest replaced self sacrifice.

    A story line about the seduction of wealth and power could be interesting, but the viewers have to care. We have to like the people. And Joss Whedon has made them very unlikable this year.

    And for this to follow last seasons almost clever, but utterly distasteful and completely repellent story of demon possession and impregnation, with a vaguely incestuous child seduction, viewers have little patience to wait for an upbeat turn. Joss took one of the most admired and inspirational characters, Cordelia Chase, and made her the evil architect of horror after horror.

    And, oops. No redemption for her. Coma. Actress dismissed. Mission to help the helpless not important.

    True, the 100th episode, "You’re Welcome" was a wonderful tribute, beautifully crafted, and a terrific send-off for Charisma Carpenter’s Cordy. The episode brought back everything that the season missed: family, self-sacrifice, helping the helpless. It’s ironic that this terrific episode makes the case for everything that is wrong about the rest of the season.

    I join with the WB and growing numbers of viewers: Its time for Angel to finish its run.

    Sometimes writers can be too clever for their own good. Moral: week after week, we still want to like our TV heroes. We want the good guys to eventually win. We INVITE these characters into our homes every week, so to keep getting invitations, don’t annoy us.

    Don’t mess with us, because the viewers always win.

    Speaking about his viewers, Joss Whedon once said, "I don’t give them what they want, I give them what they need."

    Such arrogance was his downfall.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, Mike

  • > UPN To Pass On ’Angel’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3 March 2004 05:11, by Anonymous
    It’s time to pull the plug.
  • > UPN To Pass On ’Angel’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3 March 2004 14:19, by Anonymous
    i think we should let angel go gracefully. its good 4 show and 4 cast too. ithink things really gone worse when they bought spike back and drop cordy. ialso want to know why spike isso guilt free both in buffy and angel as he was also bad...vamp. in his days
  • Personally, I don’t know what people are talking about when they say the show is "boring" or "lackluster" this season. I’ve watched Buffy since s2 and Angel since s1 and this is definitely one of my favorite seasons of Angel so far, next to s3.

    I also think the show is doing just fine without Cordelia. Don’t get me wrong, I loved her character, but episodes like Hellbound, Destiny, A Hole In The World, and Smile Time all prove that Angel is doing just fine without her. The characters are not unlikeable this season, they’re just cut adrift from each other and becoming darker each day that they work at W&H. The only character who hadn’t really gotten darker was Fred, and...well we saw what happened to her. While, at times, it is shocking to see the way the Angel crew are handling business nowadays, it is understandable and completely riveting to watch (i.e: when Wes shot a man in the kneecaps for mentioning usual business while he was trying to save Fred).

    As all of the characters are being forced to make more and more moral compromises, we are finally understanding why the Senior Partners gave Angel their L.A. branch. While the story arch did seem a little disjointed at first, everything is starting to fall into place. Each episode is better than the last and it just adds to the confusion as to why the WB would EVER cancel such a beautiful show.

  • > UPN To Pass On ’Angel’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3 March 2004 23:38, by Anonymous
    thats it follow the herd you wb but kissers try and talk up a network that cancled buffy and angel now after enourmous ratings and dvd sales not to mention the merchandise and advertising gold mine that is the most intelligent thought provoking shows known to man and then try and tell me your not apart of the cancer eating away at our love and our obsession who do you people work for cuz all the true buffy and angel fans i know worship the show your all so fake and to say that the last season was almost cleaver is such a cop out understatment it was such an analogy for religion that it hurt you and the show hasnt sit right with you since cause it forced you to realize what a true second coming from a so called messiah would do the world and what modern day relligion does now and thats inslave it take away your freedom and force you into their circle such brilliant analogys should be praised and not politically strong armed out of a reeba one tree hill gilmore girls crappy ass station like the wb you know as well as i do what happened to upn after sarah left all the other programing of that genre suffered and for good reason i myself will not ever watch the wb again after angel is gone and i strongly encourage you to do the same it really is the only voice we have if every angel viewer stopped watching the wb right after angel is gone they would bring them back with open arms and i for one would love to put a boot up levins ass that little puppet answers to the movement that will systematically take away everything that is at all in the way of their supreme domination of us the consumerist slave riden cattle that bends over to the highly motivated conservitive movement for as long as there in power anyway
  • spike is the best thing to happen to the show in a long time....i did not like the fact that cordelia is no longer on the show but nothing could be done if she wanted to leave....also with lindsey coming back its getting very interesting....so it definitely has been a good season & the show should go on for another year....
  • I Became a Buffy fan during season 2 & an Angel Fan season 1. Angel has only gotten better...I am on the edge of the couch during every episode. Somebody needs to let Angel continue! I almost lost it when Fred’s character was... how should I put this... "ReVamped" But it’s interesting & I can’t wait till the next new episode. There aren’t too many shows I HAVE TO watch...Buffy Was one & Angel is the other ...Now I’ll be two less shows...At least we have DVD’s & Syndicated Reruns of these shows, but it’s not the same...I want to be on the edge of my seat not knowing what’s going to happen. Listen up WB keep Angel on!!!

    See online : UPN To Pass On ’Angel’

  • i’m all for people having thier own opinion, but some of the arguments made regarding why it was good for the WB to drop Angel are foolish. Not a single one of them are based on facts, all just opinions and yet they all have this sort of "of course to anyone intelligent it obvious that the show should end" vibe. get real, your opinion isn’t higher than anyone else’s just because you like taking the unpopular stance. And stop saying ’we.’ I am so sick and tired of reading things like ’we are getting bored with the show’, or the ’viewers deserve better’ or some other crap like that. Don’t presume to know how other people feel about the show, because there’s no way you could. I think this season of Angel is the best yet, and probably still has some life in it. Post your opinion, of course you should, but don’t say ’we’ and act as if your opinion is the general consensus among the fans. I know for a fact it’s not because i’m a fan and couldnt disagree with you more.
  • > UPN To Pass On ’Angel’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 March 2004 02:29, by broilingh8
    the wb will not listen to us. corporate types do not half ass anything its all black and white with them the only weapon we have is our numbers if every dedicated fan would vow to not watch the wb after angel is gone it will cost them too much money not to bring them back thats why their keeping them on hold with movie deals and such for the worst case senerio being that there is enough loyal fans out there to never tune in to their station again it will put a serious hurt on them and its the only real option or voice we have they think they can slide a dark shadows our way to apease the large portion of loyal angels fans all so they can save a few bucks and still keep the same fan base while hopefully atracting more viewers well if your as hurt as i am please take it out constuctivly and efficently by not watching the station entirly as i said it is the only real way to show our loyalty to one of the best shows on tv ever. do it for angel period point blank say mr. levin you cancled my show now im gonna cancle your face.
  • I do not want Angel to end for another couple of years at least, but if worst scenario happens, i know that i would love an absolutely excellent ending. I for one, would love Buffy and Angel to get back together. (and stay that way) however there are two things to consider in this...1) The whole losing of the soul deal and 2) I hate happy endings, too boring. so I have come up with what i beleive to be the perfect ending to a very good show. Buffy becomes vampire, ( does not matter who turned her) seduces Angel, who loses his soul and becomes Angelus. Buffy and Angelus then roam the earth for all eternity as evil (insert epithet here)’s. Isnt it a lovely idea. Feel free to air your opinions on this and put in your ideas.

    love Muffy

  • > UPN To Pass On ’Angel’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 March 2004 14:41, by Anonymous
    I really believe that the only effective way to voice your feelings is with a letter writing campaign. Online petitions are too impersonal. Letters have saved shows.
  • I can not believe that the WB is going to let Angel go. This season started out a little slow with Cordelia dying but the last two episodes are really heating things up. This is one of the best shows on TV with its characters, its superb writing and just overall great fun. I pledge that I who have always supported the WB will never watch another episode on that station once my show goes. If Angel goes so do I. I also know a lot of other people who feel the same way I do. By the way I am 39 years old and the mother of 4. I’m a fan who’s not a teenager so I know good writing and acting when I see it. The WB should not just look at numbers but should listen to the fans. WE WANT ANGEL. Thank you
  • I read some where that UPN actually has a contract to pick up Angel in the event the WB cancels the show. Anyone else heard the same thing?
  • > UPN To Pass On ’Angel’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 March 2004 20:35, by broilingh8
    WE equals truly dedicated fans willing to do or say anything to save our show. i dont know about the rest of you but just seeing other people who love and care about the show as much as i do gives me a large sense of we. we the viewer who watch your crappy commercials because we like a show enough to. wont stand for second best programming such as dark shadows in place of angel our hearts may meand eventually after angel is gone but our hatred for your network wont we will turn you off wb and it will have an impact on your ratings and if that isnt enough to save angel then so be it every fiber of my being is behind the show if they get kicked out into the cold off the wb network than ill follow them out the same door and so should you. after angel is gone we need to turn all of our hurt into one big collective middle finger and shove it right into the face of the wb. let them try and explain to their share holders how they lost a million plus viewers and just maybe we can stick the same person who signed off on this angel eviction into the same hot water.