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Update : "We’re too pretty to die" Backup Boost Bash / Flan 2 - Thank you letter from Adam

Marsia Powers

Monday 4 December 2006, by Webmaster

Congratulations to Booster for working out their financing. We’re all excited to come enjoy ourselves at Flan II!

Obviously this means that the Browncoats’ Backup Bash will not be necessary. I want to send my sincerest thank yous to everyone who donated money (it’s on its way back to you now), volunteered and otherwise wished us well. Browncoats are the best.

Specifically I want to thank the B3 crew: James R., Lynn B., Arielle K., Louise D., Brian R., Maria G., Marsia P. and my wife, Karla. These folk jumped right into the fray with me and this would have been an impossible endeavor without them. They were ready to do the impossible, and I know we would have succeeded. I’d also like to thank Ray for whipping together our registration form on such short notice, gossi for putting up the Flan Helpline website and theonetruebix for having the idea in the first place.

I’m looking forward to Flan, and I invite everyone to drop by my table (Black Market Beagles) in the dealers’ room to say hi!

 Adam Levermore-Rich, Captain of the B3 crew