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Vancouver Browncoats produce fan tv-show based on "Firefly" Tv Series

Monday 27 February 2006, by Webmaster

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"Into The Black" is the first ever fan-made television show based on the setting of Joss Whedon’s "Firefly".

It’s a labor of love, being made entirely by Browncoats in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. We loved the show, and it ended, and gorram it, we weren’t finished watching it! There seemed to be very few Firefly/Serenity fan productions of any kind out there, and we had some stories to tell... so we decided to.

"Into the Black" is being made in the format of a one-hour TV show. The first episode - and we do so hope there will be more! - is called "Mined Control", and is set on the backwater mineral-rich moon of Iscariot.

Most of us are new at this, but we’re also very very picky, and we’re determined to do it right! We’re going for full television quality production values, and we’re going to pull it off, too. We have an amazing cast and crew, some excellent stories lined up, and our very own beautiful ship.

So welcome one and all, don’t mind the sawdust ’cause we’re still building everything, but have a look around, and hopefully you’ll find not only something of interest, but a reason to love Samsara and its crew as much as we do.