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Veronica Mars the next Serenity ?

Wednesday 23 May 2007, by Webmaster

Exclusive: Veronica Mars Creator Mulls Feature Film !

If there’s one thing we can all agree on about last night’s Veronica Mars "season" finale, it’s this: There’s no way in hell that was the end of the story.

So, naturally, the first thing I did this AM was e-mail Mars creator Rob Thomas and ask: "Will will ever find out how you would’ve ended the show?"

His piddle-worthy response?

"I’m not entirely sure how/when VM would’ve ended, but I wouldn’t discount my taking a stab at a feature script."

Yeah, you read that right. Veronica Mars on the frakkin’ big screen!

Rob then added, "But I’m not sure if I could sell a movie based on a little-watched TV series."

Um, I’ve got one word for you, and it begins with "F" and ends with "Y." I’m talking about Firefly! If a show with barely one season under its belt can get the multiplex treatment - and turn a (small) profit - one can only imagine what VM would be capable of!

Are you with me? Are you? ’Cause you’re either with me or against me. If you’re with me, cast your vote for a VM feature film in the comments section below. We can make this happen, people!

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  • Veronica Mars the next Serenity ?

    23 May 2007 23:43, by Anonymous
    Yes! I am dying to know what happened next.
  • Veronica Mars the next Serenity ?

    24 May 2007 00:20, by Anonymous
    This would be a perfect way to tie up all the loose ends and I would definitely go see it Several times probably!!!
  • Veronica Mars the next Serenity ?

    24 May 2007 00:25, by Anonymous

    I’m all for a Veronica Mars feature film. She’s a great character, and if they can remember the incredible plotting/writing from the first season and utilize Veronica, Logan, and the Father at their very best, I think it’ll do just fine. I’ll see it (at least once), and I’ll drag a few friends who will become fans, with me.

    Just do yourself a favor - don’t market it the way they marketed Serenity. The advertising vip’s on that account nosedived horribly. Show what it is, not what you want it to be.

    Stacey K.M.

  • Veronica Mars the next Serenity ?

    24 May 2007 14:55, by Anonymous
    My vote: hell, yes. Talk about a cliff-hanger ending. I need more.
  • Veronica Mars the next Serenity ?

    25 May 2007 14:20, by Anonymous
    I am in.... lets get it going...... I love VM.....
  • Veronica Mars the next Serenity ?

    25 May 2007 18:18, by Anonymous
    Maybe not exactly Serenity - but hell yes! it was an excellent show & we want more!! what heppened to bringing it back set in a few years time in the FBI Academy? Veronica Rocks!!
  • Veronica Mars the next Serenity ?

    21 August 2007 09:56, by HnB
    well kristen bell might have to free up her schedule she now has a reacurring character on the tv show "heroes". her character has ties with claire bennet, the cheeleader.