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WB Execs Reveal A Few Tidbits

Thursday 15 July 2004, by xanderbnd

Added 7/15: WB executives David Janollari, Brad Turrell, and Garth Ancier had a few tidbits to reveal at the WB’s 2004 Summer Press Tour. Among them:
- "Lois Lane, played by [newcomer] Erica Durance, makes her debut," Turrell told the press. "Kristin Kreuk will get a complete makeover... And to top it off, Tom Welling’s character will fly for the first time." But wait. Keep reading.
- Garth Ancier reveals a spoiler that we’re not too sure about. He says that Lex Luthor and Lois Lane will not meet on Smallville, because the two characters will first meet as adults (in the proposed "Superman" movie). Of course, they also said "no flights..."
- So what’s this about going back on the "no flights, no tights" policy? "The way I understand it, it will be Tom Welling flying, but the actual character will be Kal-El, who is bad Clark," Ancier said. But wait. Aren’t they the same person?