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From Bbc.co.uk

Fan site disowns Eliza Dushku’s new show Tru Calling

Thursday 15 July 2004, by Webmaster

A Tru Calling fan site has become so frustrated with the quality of Eliza Dushku’s fantasy series, Tru Calling, that it has given up reporting on it completely.

Spoiled Rotten, known for its extensive Tru Calling, Buffy and Angel spoiler coverage had previously campaigned to save the show when it was threatened with cancellation earlier this year.

But actually watching the last few episodes seems to have been the final straw for the editors.

"The consensus is that the writing of the show is so lacking in any regard for logic, that Tru Calling doesn’t deserve any coverage by our site," they announced. "The writers are clearly putting no effort into the scripts, so why should anyone put any effort into a spoiler site?

"They regret wasting their time even covering it to begin with. The show deserves to be cancelled."

Despite low ratings in America, Tru Calling was recently given a second season to prove its worth.