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WB TV wants more ANGEL...but will they get it?

By Patrick Sauriol

Wednesday 20 October 2004, by Webmaster

Scooper sends us inside intel on WB’s hopes to make more vampire adventures

This isn’t the first time someone’s said that there will be more adventures for ANGEL, the vampire with a soul that lasted five years running on The WB, only to be summarily dispatched last season by network executives. Angel’s co-creator, Joss Whedon, is open for more stories, and at the time of the show’s termination the WB said they were hoping to do some stand-alone ANGEL TV movies. However, comments from star David Boreanaz seem to suggest that he’s moved on, and that bringing him back to play the leader of the Fang Gang may prove to be a challenge for The WB (possibly meaning there better be a bigger paycheck involved.)

But the source that sent this scoop tells us that The WB is still pursuing the notion of resurrecting ANGEL. We can’t tell you who they are but we can share that they are in the loop and we can certainly see how they’ve come to have access to this information.

According to our anonymous source, (relatively) new WB Network Chairman Garth Ancier has spoken with Joss Whedon about doing "something" with ANGEL, be it a series of spinoff movies or — hold your horses — bringing the show back. Whoa.

"But there’s a problem," explains our friend on the inside. "Most people have moved on. The creators of THE MOUNTAIN are impressed with James Marsters and are hoping he’ll stay on, David Boreanaz is solid-booked with films, and Amy Acker is hanging out for SUPERMAN. (Yep, Amy got a call-back for Lois Lane in SUPERMAN. She has good chemistry with B.J Routh, the young actor that’s playing Superman apparently. Her agent is pushing and pushing and pushing for this to happen which might or might not work in Am’s favor."

(We’re not sure how long ago Ms. Acker auditioned for the Lois part but as a sidenote we’ve been scooped that it’s down to six possible contenders for Lois, and Acker’s name wasn’t on that particular list. Strangely enough, ex-ANGEL cast member Charisma Carpenter is one of the alleged candidates. Wires crossed, perhaps, or did both ladies audition for the role of Ms. Lane?)

Our source did know that one thing is for sure: there’s no plans to launch a spinoff starring Acker’s character of Illyria on her own. According to our peep that particular bogus rumor began in all places the official magazine for ANGEL and has since picked up a life of its own. "If anything it was someone trying to gain momentum for the idea, and nothing more," writes our insider. "Yes, there will be more ANGEL - just hard to say when. If Amy gets SUPERMAN - she’s out, if James stays on THE MOUNTAIN - that’ll be a juggle, and if David Boreanaz gets any more anti-ANGEL, they’ll have to recast."

And a final thought from our friend that they shared with us: "It’s interesting the way it has ended up: WB dying for more ANGEL, the cast and crew gone on to bigger and better things...whose had the last laugh?"

[We’re not certain if anonymous is from our world or another dimension, but they always send us interesting emails.]

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  • > WB TV wants more ANGEL...but will they get it?

    20 October 2004 16:33, by Fang 49
    I just don’t see why they can’t just go with Spike? Rebuild around him and they would get the viewers. Unless he has signed in blood for that mountain turkey I am pretty sure he would do it!
  • > WB TV wants more ANGEL...but will they get it?

    20 October 2004 16:47, by Eduardo

    "and if David Boreanaz gets any more anti-ANGEL, they’ll have to recast."

    Don’t buy it. How I hate those articles that are false, anonymous...pfff. It’s preety clear to everyone with half a brain that watched the show and KNOW about the show just a little that NO ONE will be recasted. Especially one of the main ones! If so Buffy wouldn’t end on S7. This ’insider’ is just venting about the cancelation(still! move on) and trying to show that thewb got the bad part of the deal. Like Marsters wouldn’t come back running...has said time and again...

  • > WB TV wants more ANGEL...but will they get it?

    20 October 2004 19:38, by Anonymous
    Yeah as if, there’s no chance of it coming back its just another bogus claim
  • > WB TV wants more ANGEL...but will they get it?

    20 October 2004 19:48, by Anonymous
    Hey easily solved, just resurrect the best and most developed character in the show (Wesley) and team him up with Faith...Slayer and Watcher at their best, kicking arse, blazing guns and sexual tension abound!!!!
  • > WB TV wants more ANGEL...but will they get it?

    20 October 2004 20:49, by Anonymous
    it really wouldn’t be angel unless it was portrayed by David Boreanaz
  • > WB TV wants more ANGEL...but will they get it?

    20 October 2004 23:28, by Anonymous
    "bigger and better things"... according to who?
  • > WB TV wants more ANGEL...but will they get it?

    21 October 2004 03:40, by Hallie
    Maybe it doesn’t have to be called Angel, since Angel probably wouldn’t be there, but it could still pick up where the series left off? Though I guess that would make it a spin-off, technically. They could do the alternate-dimension thing they had planned, and Angel has either been killed in the battle or just mysteriously vanished. (It could happen!) They mention J. August Richards or Andy Hallett; I guess they’re not busy. Ah, who knows; all the writers are on other shows now......*sigh*
  • First of all - yeah, I’m pretty sure this article is fake but, at the same time, how come you all took the ’recast’ thing as a serious comment?!?!?!??! It looked to me that it was meant as a bit of comic relief in an article that was beginning to become heavy reading.

    Anyway, let’s all hope this is less fiction and more fact (even if that hope is in vain)

  • > WB TV wants more ANGEL...but will they get it?

    22 October 2004 17:04, by Jason
    If they relly want more Angel They have to Ask the rest of the cast inclunding Wesley because i dont think she we bond with Xander she has plead Her LOve For WEsley so if they Bring Back WEsley i be happy to whacth it
  • > WB TV wants more ANGEL...but will they get it?

    22 October 2004 18:00, by Corvus

    You guys can yell "bogus" all you want. Ancier has been clear SEVERAL times that he wants the show back in some form, and Joss also has indicated he’d like to do it. I’m sure that some sort of Angel-verse tv flick will happen sometime down the road.

    As for recasting...if someone behind the scenes thinks that Joss would allow such a thing, they’re crazy.

  • > WB TV wants more ANGEL...but will they get it?

    22 October 2004 20:14, by AFanOfANGEL
    Like someone said... "The WB put this on themselves" Whatever though. I miss ANGEL and everything, I would like spin offs from the show... TV movies... and heck I would be very happy for the show to come back! If DB doesn’t want to, he won’t... simple... unless a bigger pay check can make his decision easier... spin offs would be more than just "awesome" but I want it to be sucessful, not be cancelled... (not saying that would happen but ANGEL was a BtVS spin off, it was merely luck that ANGEL survived coz not a lot of spin offs work) I just want ANGEL back, and if it comes back, I don’t want to regret asking for it back,and if Joss and other cast members wanna continue exploring their characters and have the show back, yay for the fans but the actors do have to support themselves and waiting on an ’ANGEL’ something wouldn’t help their career. If we do get anything ANGEL worthy, it will be a while, coz if everyone is on diff. projects... just saying it might be a while... Aside all the negative crap I just wrote,... I want ANGEL back more than anything, and cancel all those reality shows! Grr... anyway, who really DID get the last laugh... us or the WB? *cough-clearly not the fans-cough* Also, re-casting DB’s role for ANGEL, then I don’t want ANGEL back.
  • > WB TV wants more ANGEL...but will they get it?

    23 October 2004 09:23, by Anonymous
    I like the Wesley idea.
  • > WB TV wants more ANGEL...but will they get it?

    24 October 2004 15:52, by Anonymous
    This article is... *Cough* Bullshit *Cough*...
  • First of all, we are all gonna have to wait quite a while for anything to happen. Im talkin at least 3 years. But i wouldnt care if David B isnt in the show. (Personally i think hes being selfish cause buffy/angel is responsible for his fame. but whatever). So we have to look at the characters left, and the actors who want to come back. SMG, DB, and Michelle T probably wont do anything. Charisma Carpenter probably isnt coming back. And it looks like Gunn is going to die in the final battle. However i think that Wes and Faith idea is great. Tru calling is sadly cancelled (tear), so she wont be too booked up right now. And wes had a great character arc. It could be called "Gotta Have Faith". Since you need some sort of central character, Faith could be it. Amy Acker and James Marsters have said they want to work w/ Joss again so they could do it. It would be cool to have Willow and Zander return too. (But i think willow should turn evil agian and kill Kennedy. Will somemone slap that girl?). Joss should do some convincing and get Amber Benson to come back. He wanted to resurect her in sseason seven of Buffy anyway.

    That whole killing off Angel thing might not be a great idea though. If you keep him alive, it opens up chances for guest appearences. Maybe DB would see the sucess of a show that he didnt want to be a part of.

  • Wes

    25 October 2004 01:32, by xtrustno1x
    I’m with the Wesley idea, too, damnit! Honestly, , even if they did ressurect Angel, it just woulnd’t be the same for me without Wes - despite the fact that the character had a great death and nice close to his storyline. E-mail me if you want to start a "Resurrect Wesley!" campaign...heh.
  • > WB TV wants more ANGEL...but will they get it?

    26 October 2004 14:30, by Jason
    I be Happy to see wesley back from the dead itjust wont be the same without him and i would love to see him back with IllRIYA they are the best couple and eveyone would argee with me on that.