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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Warner Bros considering Blondie Bear return ?

Wednesday 23 March 2005, by Webmaster

Looks like we might be seeing a familiar bloodsucker back on the frog soon.

Both Joss Whedon and James Marsters, creator and co-star of "Angel", respectively, have long expressed an interest in bringing bottle-blonde vampire Spike back to screens in a telemovie - and by the sounds of it, it’s going to [finally] happen.

Whedon announced at Wizard World over the weekend that he’s very keen to do an "Angel" spin-off - with the character of ’Spike’ the chap he’ll most likely be concentrating on - and it got a great reception from those in attendance.

Ausiello over at TV Guide talked to both WB entertainment president David Janollari, and Whedon, who sounded keener than a Olympian around water to dive straight into it.

"I have given it more thought since you brought it up. It’s certainly something that I continue to get many fan letters and e-mails about, and it’s something that we discuss a lot around here. But no decision has been made", the WB head-honcho tells the reporter.

Whedon seemed optimistic. "I’m really for it, but I have never really spoken to David Janollari," he said. "I occasionally would bring it up with [execs at 20th Century] Fox, and they’d be like, ’Yeah, that would be cool.’ And I’m like, ’Who do we need to talk to?’ And then nothing has really happened. I’ve been really busy in post [-production] on Serenity and haven’t been able to get the wheels turning, but I definitely intend to investigate it."

Whedon says he doesn’t necessarily need to write or direct the "Spike" telemovie, so the WB can pretty much getting go on it as soon as they want. "[Spike] is not necessarily something that I would write and direct myself," he suggested. "I have a lot of brilliant friends who worked with me for many years who might be able to take the helm - somebody who both James [Marsters] and I would trust."

Whedon says his idea for the "Spike" telemovie isn’t a prequel. "For me, Spike is a very contemporary guy," he said. "It’s sort of what distinguished him from Angel."

Fingers crossed - it could be the first smart move The WB has made since greenlighting "Angel" all those years back.

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  • > Warner Bros considering Blondie Bear return ?

    23 March 2005 23:46, by Pierce
    Sigh!!! OK first off I do like James Marsters (great actor) and Spike, between him, Wes and Giles (Finally we Brits aren’t seen as either the comic relief or the Bad guy on American TV). But lets look at this fairly, his time has gone, the character has completed his evolution, the last 7 years of the Buffy/Angelverse has shown that. Can we please have someone else...There are other great characters and Actors USE them. Continue their story..After all it’s not if he didn’t get enough screen time in the last three years of Buffy and last season of Angel (Both series did start to feel like "It’s the Spike show"). I’m still leaning towards a Faith series. NOW there’s a character who deserves the same time and effort in developing, just NO Robin, guy had the charisma of a plank of, excuse the pun WOOD....Hmmm maybe I’m just still pissed about Joss killing off WES.
  • Whether you like Spike or you don’t, or you think he’s "had his turn" or not, why complain? IT’S SOMETHING ABOUT THE WORLD WE ALL LOVE! Who cares who’s in it? If you bitch about it long enough, it’s eventually going to get back to the WB who might just be taking their heads out of the sand, and then we’ll get NOTHING! James would never do anything without his old co-workers anyway. He’s expressed the same feeling about seeing other charachters have their time, so I’m sure they will be included and you will all be happy in the end. But if you keep up the complaing we’ll all be wishing we had more forever. So post the "I hate this person" in places the WB doesn’t look at. And this is a place they always have!
  • Bring on the Spike movie! We saw eight years of Angel coping with being a vampire with a soul, after 100 years that we’ve only seen glimpses of. But we’ve only seen the first two years of Spike coping with a soul, still trying to figure out his place in the world, still very much in transition. How ANYBODY can say that Spike’s story is over is beyond me. It’s barely begun. Then again, anybody who says that Spike took over BtVS Season 7 hasn’t noticed that for twelve episodes (over half of the season), he had nearly exactly the screentime and number of lines as JOYCE in the 12-episode first season, and nobody’s complained that Season One became the Joyce show, have they?

    Then again, at this point, I’d even rather see a movie with Eve and Riley than anything with Faith or the "Core Four," but that’s just me.

  • > Warner Bros considering Blondie Bear return ?

    24 March 2005 15:03, by Kim Kitchener
    Wow that is great new`s if they put it on tv or a movie don`t care it will be the only thing the frog has to offer and the should serouisly think hard and get it together i haven`t watched anything that the wb has put out untill they make the right decision to bring back SPIKE and a few other characters is about TIME get on it before you have nothing left on WB
  • > Warner Bros considering Blondie Bear return ?

    24 March 2005 15:31, by glitter_j

    Ok, I also like James Marsters, but completely agree with Pierce that a Faith movie (or very very long running series) would be infinitely superior!!!

    A *definitely* no Wood...maybe SMG could come back for a guest spot so that Buffy and Faith could finally get together and be with the person they were destined to be with.