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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Watch With Kristin 04/25/2003 - Spoilers

Friday 25 April 2003, by Webmaster

Parting Is Such Sucky Sorrow: Four episodes and counting till Buffy bosses end the show—and rip our hearts out and feed them to us with a spoon. To ease the pain a bit, I’ve taken your questions to Buffy biggie Noxon.

From Daywalker: Marti, what is the pilot you’re doing? We just finished shooting in Vancouver for Fox. It’s called Still Life, a family drama told through the eyes of the son who died a year earlier. Sort of like the book The Lovely Bones. We’ve got some wonderful people: Susanna Thompson from Once and Again, Jensen Ackles from Dawson’s Creek, Morena Baccarin from Firefly, David Keith. It’s in the vein of Party of Five—but with a twist.

From Helenegrey: Any chances at all for a spinoff this fall? No, but I think that someday there will be more Slayer stuff on TV. Joss Whedon has created something almost like a Star Trek; it’s a franchise that is sort of open-ended. It’s highly likely that one of these days there’ll be Slayer 2005 or The Spike Show—or fill in the blank.

From TarasApprentice: Which characters from BTVS are being considered for a move to Angel? Almost anyone who is available is being talked about. Maybe not as a full-time character but to come by for a few episodes. None of it is set in stone. There’s a chance Sarah Michelle Gellar could pop by, but right now, it’s just chance.

From andbuffyandangel: What can you tell us about the finale? The main thrust is that all the wheels have been set in motion—the idea that this is the worst evil they have faced. All of that will really explode in the last two or three episodes. We have never done an episode with more special effects or more production detail. From that point of view, it’s like a movie. On top of that, it is an entirely satisfying end, and it’s completely fitting. You fans are going to lose their minds!

From kaydeevee: Was it difficult planning the end, knowing that the fanbase is so divided between Angel and Spike? It was great, actually. We’re striking a nice balance for the fans. We talked a lot about how it would feel and how it would work. Joss thought it out, and he struck a really lovely note with both of the characters. It’s almost like, no matter which one you love, you can walk away without a fight.

From Lowri Sams: Will any of the other Angel characters appear in the final episodes? We talked about it. There will be some other surprise guests but probably not any major players. There’ll be a few who make you say, "Oh my God!" But the big gets for us were David Boreanaz and Eliza Dushku.

From sam: I really miss Tara—will she be back for the finale? She actually declined an offer to come back. We had at one point designed a return for Amber Benson and were trying desperately to get her. She wasn’t interested, and that is the truth.

From spuffychamp: Pleeease...Will we see Spike and Buffy suck face before the series ends? No, but they might kiss.

From RG: How do you feel now that Buffy is really ending? Personally, I haven’t dealt with the reality of it. I got really busy, and that was my way of coping. Then I went to the last production meeting today, and Joss and I had some sort of meaningful teary glances. It was such a good group of people. But my connection with Joss creatively feels like we might work together again. Unless he goes to Broadway and does musicals, in which case I’ll just appear as the parking ticket lady over and over again.