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Watch With Kristin February 23, 2004 - Eonline.com

Tuesday 24 February 2004, by Webmaster

Watch With Kristin

February 23, 2004

A Satisfying Sexual Conclusion; an Angelic Fall from Grace

This bittersweet week sees the last episode of Sex and the City and the sudden news of Angel’s cancellation. Plus, Alias speculations, SAGs sallies and Survivor situations round out the bill.

From larrypigtails: Enough Sex and the City! What say you of Angel?!

Kristin: That it’s quite possibly the greatest tragedy I’ve ever endured, aside from that one time my Barbie Big Wheels got crushed by the neighbor’s Winnebago. Honestly, guys, I have been in a serious funk for a whole week with Angel’s cancellation and the end of Sex and the City. I feel as if they’ve ripped out my heart and fed it to me with a spoon. But my misery aside, here’s where it all stands, as far as I know: Joss’ camp and the studio are not giving up. Sources say the show has been pitched to UPN and "it’s being discussed." You can lend your support by contributing to Variety and Hollywood Reporter ads, or signing a petition, at these Websites: SupportAngel.org and SaveAngel.org. Go now!

From end_of_the_road: Regarding Angel’s impending end, I heard that Sarah Michelle Gellar is reconsidering an appearance on Angel. Is this true?

Kristin: Yes, though at this point it’s just "considering." Joss really wants her back for the very end—as we all do—and she has been offered a spot. If she says yes, I’m guessing it will take some rejiggering from the writers. I hear they’d already begun writing the finale script.

From rachelbee: Why didn’t you warn us Angel was getting canceled? It’s your job!

Kristin: I know! But I didn’t know, and I’m sorry. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, was stunned to learn of the show’s cancellation, including the reps at the studio and the network, the cast and, of course, Joss Whedon. In case you missed it, here is Joss’ statement about the cancellation:

"This news is, needless to say, surprising, but it’s really wonderful that the WB let us know so early on that we were picked up for a sixth exciting season! Angel is hitting new strides in terms of creativity and appeal, and everyone is so full of energy, of new stories, it’s just comforting to...[rereads memo]...Oh. Oh, that’s different. That sucks. Especially since the whole ’new strides’ thing was actually true. Angel is as strong as it’s ever been—except for that’s it’s dead. Truthfully, I’m heartbroken. This is a show, a staff and a cast I’ve felt privileged to work with. I only wish to continue that. I can’t speak for the WB’s reasoning, and this would probably be a bad time for me to comment on any of the shows they’re not canceling. But they provided a home (albeit a temporary foster home) for both Buffy and Angel that otherwise would not have existed, and I’m grateful for that. All we have left on Angel is to end the season with episodes as strong and meaningful as we can muster—but then, we were gonna do that anyway."

From aliciajo: Can I just say RIP Angel?

Kristin: You can. But you likely won’t get out of this chat alive. Run! Run for your life!

From platypirock: What’s the deal with Angel? Any hope for a save by UPN, la Buffy?

Kristin: An insider close to UPN tells me higher-ups are trying not to pick up other networks’ "leftovers" anymore, so I’m thinking it’s not likely. I wish I could tell you otherwise! If the price is right, UPN might, just might, pick it up. They should, dammit, after seeing from Buffy that this devoted fan base will follow a show anywhere. But I’m guessing that would mean a smaller price tag and possibly cast or staffing cuts, and that is something Joss has said he’d never do (a reporter at TCA asked him if he’d ever pull a David E. Kelley-Practice move, and he said if they couldn’t do the show well, they wouldn’t do it at all). Also, don’t forget that David Boreanaz sounded more or less ready to move on during his recent Q&A with us. "I’m really itching to explore other characters and do other projects. I think I’ve been stuck in this medical school for a while, and I need to open up and get out." So, like I said, it is not likely, but crazier things have happened (think Roswell), and we should muster all the support we can. Rah-rah! As SupportAngel.org says, "Love the show? Show the Love!"

From kyleeb: When does Wonderfalls start on the WB?

Kristin: March 12 on Fox. Please watch—please, pretty please, with naked James Marsters sugar on top. It’s my favorite new show!

From angelfanuk: Can we expect a second season of Tru Calling?

Kristin: It doesn’t look like it.

From jennerbeth: Do you have any idea of what’s coming up on Angel?

Kristin: I ran into Tim Minear at an Angel fan party on Saturday. He and Julie Benz were in attendance. I’ll have more in this week’s column, but for now I can tell you this: He said two parents come to Angel for help with their supernatural son, and it turns out that son is Connor.