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Wesley from the heart

Thursday 8 July 2004, by Webmaster

Alexis Denisof talks about the end of Angel, puppets and Wesley’s heart.

In the latest issue of Angel Magazine, Alexis Denisof says he’d love to play Wesley again, but feels happy that that the cast achieved so much on the show.

"Well, I’d love it to continue, because of this exploration of [Wesley’s] emotional life would be the next phase of the character and would unlock more chambers of his heart... I feel there’s a lot more to do there."

"I’m so pleased for everyone that we’ve made this journey," he added. "I’m really, really happy with the work that we’ve done. I feel like it’s a great accomplishment to have made 100 [plus] episodes and most of them are pretty damn good."

He also talks about his favourite episodes of the series, including Smile Time, which he said was a riot:

"It was very difficult. We laughed most of the time. I’m sure the editors had a nightmare trying to cut around our smirks and giggles, because it was absolutely hilarious."

Angel magazine issue 13 is out now : Official Angel Magazine #13 UK August 2004 - Exclusive Press Release

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  • > Wesley from the heart

    8 July 2004 18:49, by MemnochZERO
    Alexis Denisoff is great, and so was this artical.
  • > Wesley from the heart

    1 September 2004 01:53, by Jason
    I would love to see him Back in the movie or the spin-off i like to see how would his charater came back to live and see IIyria again so Joss If you are planning to bring him back give him a good storline for the movie or the spin-off please