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From the StakeHouse group


What we can do to save Angel !!!

By Jefferey Malbisse

Tuesday 17 February 2004, by Webmaster

Quick Postcard Campaign to Save Angel

Unfortunately, emailing networks or posting in online petitions is a waste of time. As soon as they start getting emails, they set up spam filters to delete the mail and they don’t ever see what comes in. Waiting around for somebody to organize something is wasting precious time—organized campaigns are going to be great but here’s something you can do NOW.

If you want to actually do something that actually might—MIGHT—help to get another season for Angel...


1. Go and buy some postcards that show scenes from your city. Tourist postcards. Postcards that have the name of your town or city or area of the country on them. You don’t need anything fancy, just something that will show immediately where you are located so they know this is coming from all over.

2. Write a short message on the postcard in your own words saying that you want Angel to be renewed and support the show. Keep it positive. Don’t be insulting. Don’t be abusive.

3. Address the postcard to one of the people on the list of addresses in this message. Levin may ignore the cards coming into the WB, but the media outlets will see there’s a story in this and publicize it. The names on the list are in order of importance so start at the top and send as many postcards as you want to (or can afford to send).

4. Go and get at least six friends who probably aren’t reading this on the internet but would be willing to send postcards, and get them to do the same thing.

5. DO IT TOMORROW! Speed of response is what counts along with the size of the response. Don’t wait for instructions from some group. Just DO IT.

Here are the addresses to mail your cards to:

Matt Roush
TV Guide
Box 500
Radnor, PA 19088-0500

The Hollywood Reporter
Attn: Cynthia Littleton
5055 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036-4396

Entertainment Tonight,
Paramount Pictures Domestic TV
Roddenberry Building
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90038

Warner Bros
4000 Warner Blvd.
Triangle Building, 4th Floor
Burbank, CA 91522

Entertainment Weekly
1675 Broadway New York
NY 10019

TNT is the best possibility to pick up Angel since they’ve gotten good ratings with the reruns and do some original programming.

Turner Network Television
Attn: Robert DeBitetto (pres, original programming)
1888 Century Park East, 14th Fl.
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Turner Network Television
Attn: Julie Wietz (exec vp. original programming)
1888 Century Park East, 14th Fl.
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Turner Network Television
Attn: Attn: Mr. Jamie Kellner, Chairman and CEO
1050 Techwood Dr. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Turner Network Television
Attn: Garth Ancier, Executive Vice-President, Programming
1050 Techwood Dr. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Rumor is that Levin doesn’t accept cards or letters and they get returned, but a flood of mail might make news even if it doesn’t get through

Warner Brothers Network
Attn: Jordan Levin, CEO
4000 Warner Blvd., Building 34R
Burbank, CA 91522
(818) 977-5000


And, if you want to send cards to Joss to express support and let him know the level of interest, here’s where to send them:

Joss Whedon
C/o Mutant Enemy Productions
PO Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

And to send cards supporting the cast and crew:

Angel Productions
20th Century Fox
PO Box, 900
Beverly Hills
CA, 90213-0900

Now, if you actually want to accomplish something, make some news, and maybe, just maybe, get a sixth season for Angel...


7 Forum messages

  • > James Marsters says what we can do to save Angel !!!

    17 February 2004 13:45, by Sand, Canada
    I mailed in my postcards yesterday. I did not, however, send any to TNT. As stated on the renewangel.com website, I agree that we should not jump the gun and approach other networks to pick up Angel. This should be left up to Joss and Mutant Enemy to start those negotiations. Once it is known for sure that Joss is actively searching for a network to pick up Angel, then we should show our support to them. ALL ANGEL FANS RALLY!!! It’s our turn to now "fight the good fight".
  • > James Marsters says what we can do to save Angel !!!

    17 February 2004 21:08, by Joey-Anya
    I hope it works. Because without Angel the WB sucks. Plus-tons of people do not get TNT-so I hope they continue it on WB or another local channel.
  • > James Marsters says what we can do to save Angel !!!

    18 February 2004 02:06, by JohnnyB
    Great IDEA!!!! A+++++ :D ill do it and get everyone I know to do it :)
  • We need to rally behind a UNITED FRONT!

    18 February 2004 07:32, by Insomnikat

    Greetings fellow despairing ANGEL fan,

    For the love of our show, please consider the following:

    SAVE ANGEL Course of Action First and foremost, there should be a united online front. By that I mean writing all and as much of the ANGEL online fandom to put aside any rivalries they may have about working with other ANGEL sites and link to SaveAngel.Org as our rallying point. Take Angel’s Night, for example. Though it has hardly been a major player in the fandom, it is doing it’s bit and put a big ass link directing traffic to SaveAngel.Org.

    As a witness of the La Femme Nikita (and distant watcher of the similar Farscape) campaign, I can say that being loud is not enough to make a difference. Focusing the power of the ANGEL fandom on specific targets is the key. Again, any support I can give I will be more than happy to give, but a platform and action plan is key and the sooner the better!

    FIGHT THE REAPER! Fans can make a difference!

    I bid you go now into the digital sea and spread the word!

  • > James Marsters says what we can do to save Angel !!!

    23 February 2004 09:08, by JawaJames

    Mailed off a postcard to Entertainment Weekly and passed this link off to my pals. Hopefully, attracting media attention might cause the network to rethink their stance. Anyway, I thought I would share my postcard text as a sample for others who don’t know what to write:

    For the various media:
    — - Editors: I was fairly disappointed to hear that the TV show "Angel" would not be renewed for next season. It is one of the most popular shows among my friends because it is smart, well-written, and fun. This show is a hit (as evidenced by DVD sales) and it should continue until Joss Whedon is done with it. (name, age) (city, state)
    — -

  • > What we can do to save Angel !!!

    3 March 2004 05:09, by itsafact
    Just so you know, TNT does not have the money for a first run series like Angel or even a Firefly for that matter. the only networks that do are the big ones. So really the only possible network is UPN. Sending anything to TNT is like sending pennies down a well. TNT does primarily second window shows (laymens terms - reruns when a show hits the required amount of episodes to go into syndication.
  • > What we can do to save Angel !!!

    14 March 2004 04:20, by Angie aka Faithlicious
    Hey people. I cant believe it! people are still getting used to Buffy being gone & now Angel! this is un believable! I have signed the pitition & taken down all of the addresses, i’m gonna write to them all & i’m gonna get my friends & family to write to them all. Fingers crossed that we can help angel survive this. If that don’t work i say we arrange a demonstration in the streets of britian to save Angel. I for one would be there. If anyone would be intrested in a Save Angel protest email me at Faithlicious@vodafone.net as i cant get on the net much. KEEP ANGEL ALIVE/UN-DEAD!