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Whedon Hopes for Sixth Season of Angel

Monday 2 February 2004, by Webmaster

Joss Whedon, creator and executive producer of The WB’s Angel, said that he feels the show could go beyond its current fifth season.

"I’ve never not thought that the show could carry on into a sixth or seventh year," Whedon said at the recent WB Winter Press event. "Last year there was some doubt as to whether we were coming back. This doubt was not something I was actually informed about. ...That was a bit of an eye opener.

"This has been a strong year for us. The response has been strong. The demos have been strong. We all feel really good. As for stories, I don’t think we’ll ever run out of stories to tell about these people. They’re constantly changing. They’re constantly shifting their alliances. And there’s so much to say on the subject. Any good show is ultimately about people and people are endlessly fascinating.

"It feels to me like the new energy could propel us into more seasons, and I very much hope it does. Because as a creative team, I never doubted we had enough stories to tell."

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    25 February 2004 01:18, by Abina
    i want angel to stay as much as anybody else here. and i have a great idea if you want to make a 6th season. you need to add more spin on the show. here’s a great idea. What if Spike had a daughter? I know the show’s not called ’Spike’, but hey, you could always make another spinoff of the series.Like "angel" was a spinoff of "buffy". well, all i know is that you’re an amazing creator, I’ve been watching your creations since i could watch tv, and they’ve kept me interested. you’ll think of something. and hey, if you ever need any ideas, just ask, I’m more creative tham most 15 year old girls.