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From Jacksorbetter.org

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Whedonverse Convention : Help Save "Jacks or Better" Las Vegas Event !

Thursday 14 July 2005, by Webmaster

Danger Will Robinson....Danger....Danger!

It looks like we were a tad optimistic in booking the second Jacks or Better... event so close to first one. Argh! Totally our bad and registration numbers prove it.

As things stand at this moment, we are on the precipice of losing our event space due to a lack of dough. (Since we are non-profit, we rely on the registration fees to cover the event expenses and those suckers aren’t cheap. Not to mention having money left over for our designated charity.)

To be honest, things are looking mighty grim for the October date so now we are asking YOU to voice your opinions. The last thing we want to do is cancel, especially after the great time we all had last time, so tell us what you think it would take to save it.

* A better date? Maybe in the Spring, like last time?
* More Guests? Ex. Chris Kane, Seth Green, Ray Park, David Boreanaz ? ? ? ? or from more diverse shows? Ex. Lost, the O.C, the Closer or Alias
* Different Pricing or Payment plans?
* Dancing Bears? Ok, maybe not that one.

To make it easy for those who wish to respond we’ve added a tagbox below to post your opinion. However, if you would rather do it the old fashion way, drop us a line at sdd_events@yahoo.com

Thank you!