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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Where Do We Go From Here ?

By Tara DiLullo

Friday 16 May 2003, by Webmaster

What the future holds for the "Buffy" Cast & Crew

The Fat Lady officially sings for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" come May 20th when the series finale, "Chosen," marks the close to seven years of television bliss. It’s rare enough for a cult show to make it to seven seasons in this day and age and even a potentially harmful network jump (from The WB to UPN) couldn’t kill the show. It survived in large part due to its almost fanatically loyal audience who watched religiously, bought merchandise, and discussed for hours on end in countless Internet chat rooms the characters and storylines. That singular devotion applied not only to the show itself but to the actors and writers who worked on it. Internet fan sites for all of the actors and even the writers have grown over the years, tracking their comings and goings, alternate projects and even their shoe sizes. So, while "Buffy" maybe going gently into that good night, the talents that brought her world to life are still alive and kicking - just moving on to their next challenges. Where you may ask? Well, we’ve got the answers on where almost all of the current cast and team of writers are going now.


Sarah Michelle Gellar ("Buffy") made it well known she was ready to step away from the television grind and pursue a film career full time so it’s no surprise that she hit the ground running - literally. The day after the finale was shot, Sarah and hubby, Freddie Prinze Jr. headed north to Vancouver and British Columbia, Canada to begin shooting the sequel, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. They’re joined by former "Buffy" alum Seth Green who will play a supporting role. Shooting wraps in July with the film slated to open in March 2004. Sarah will then start shooting Romantic Comedy in August. But fear not "Buffy" fans! According to "Buffy" writer and producer, David Fury, he "knows Sarah is going to come back to "Angel" for a few episodes" which has been corroborated in theory (just not logistically) by Sarah in TVGuide and other members of the Mutant Enemy team recently.

Alyson Hannigan ("Willow") was doing double duty this spring simultaneously shooting her last season of "Buffy" while reprising her role as band-geek, Michelle for American Wedding, which opens in August. Considering she is engaged to Alexis Denisof ("Wesley" on "Angel"), the summer looks to be their opportunity to settle down with the nuptials planned for the fall.

Nicholas Brendon ("Xander") already landed a pilot for Fox called "The Pool at Maddy Breakers" before "Buffy" finished. He shot it a few days after the "Buffy" finale and finds out very soon if Fox will order episodes for the fall season. Otherwise, Brendon and his wife are working on developing their own television shows. Nick is also heavily involved in being a spokesman for The Stuttering Foundation for which he will continue to work.

Michelle Trachtenberg ("Dawn") is the youngest member of the cast but she had a prospering film career before "Buffy" and she plans to return to it. Michelle travels to Prague in May to begin shooting her new comedy film, tentatively titled, The Ugly Americans for Dreamworks. The film is expected to finish lensing in July with a release sometime in 2004.

James Marsters ("Spike") is staying firmly within the fold as it was just announced that not only is The WB renewing spin-off, "Angel" for a fifth season but James (as "Spike") will be moving over as a permanent cast member for twenty-two episodes. The negotiations were down to the wire as Marsters recently told convention goers in Ohio that it was all coming down to time and money. Now that his fall is secured, James’ near future will involve, "doing a tour with my band [Ghost of the Robot] this summer." They will travel extensively in the U.K. and Europe in June and July including a stop at the famed Cavern Club where The Beatles launched their career. After that he adds, "then [we’re] trying to get some material recorded before we lose our drummer who is going on a mission." Lastly, he’ll squeeze in four "Buffy" convention appearances throughout the summer.

Emma Caulfield ("Anya") officially started her film career this January with the release of the horror film, Darkness Falls. When we talked in December, she confirmed that she was already signed for a sequel if Revolution Studios wants to make one - no official word on if that is happening yet. Emma recently appeared as a guest at an Australian "Buffy" convention where she talked about preparing to star in a film comedy of which she will also co-produce.

Anthony Stewart Head ("Giles") was only a reoccurring character the last two seasons on "Buffy" but fans still consider him part of the "core four." According to Head’s manager, he is already back in London making a priority of spending time with his family. Series creator Joss Whedon and Head continue to talk about doing a two hour film or mini-series for the BBC entitled, "Ripper" which will center on the Giles character. Nothing has moved forward as of yet, but the interest from both sides is still there. And there is talk of a third season of the male "Sex in the City"- esque BBC series, "Manchild" in which Tony is part of the ensemble cast. Lastly, he will be appearing at a "Buffy" convention in New York state this June.


Eliza Dushku ("Faith") returned to both "Buffy" and "Angel" after a two season hiatus. Fox greenlit a pilot based on her character, Faith, early in the year but Dushku declined instead attaching herself to the Fox pilot, "Tru Calling." Fox announces their fall line-up this week and there is strong speculation the show will get picked up. Otherwise, Eliza also maintains a heavy workload in film, her next being the horror film, Wrong Turn that opens May 30th.

Iyari Limon ("Kennedy") told us she plans to travel extensively this summer as well as add more "Buffy" conventions appearances to her schedule. She hasn’t signed on to any new projects as of yet.

Tom Lenk ("Andrew") appeared in sixteen episodes of "Buffy" this season - more than he ever imagined. When we spoke to Tom in February, he told us he intended to work, "on a spin-off to my play from last year (Save Me from My Sister) with my writing partner. I was also working with a producer from my play last year on a TV sitcom I pitched." He got back to us a few days ago to further add, ""I’ve become really involved with my new diorama club. We get together and make diorama’s - those things in the shoeboxes from 3rd grade. We get together have some drinks and each time we meet is a different theme. Last weekends theme was Hollywood and I did an Angelyne themed diorama. We’re called the New Modern Dioramists and we will have a gallery showing very soon."

Nathan Fillion ("Caleb") can’t seem to get away from Joss Whedon and his various series. He was a regular on "Firefly" and then played The First Evil’s corporeal muscle at the end of season seven. He could return to his role of Captain Mal in the near future, as there are rumblings of "Firefly" reappearing on the big screen or as special TV movie. Meanwhile in February, Variety reported that Nathan had signed a six-figure deal with NBC to develop either a comedy or drama in which for him to star. His preference is a comedy but no specific project has been announced.

D.B. Woodside ("Principle Wood") was involved in the pilot, entitled "The Henry Lee Project." Starring Danny Glover, the pilot centers on the life of Oakland police officer, Henry Lee. No word on whether the pilot has been green-lit yet.


Joss Whedon (Creator/Writer/Director) - Joss has said in several recent articles that he is just plain tired. Makes sense considering he has been going non-stop for more than a year overseeing "Buffy," "Angel," and launching the now cancelled, "Firefly." Not to mention, he and his wife Kai also had their first child this year. So rest may be in the immediate future but the workaholic won’t be idle for long. He still has a development deal with Fox, the aforementioned BBC "Ripper" project, completion of his slayer-themed comic series, "Fray" and his intention to write and direct a motion picture.

He has already stated he will write and direct episodes of "Angel" next season and he is still actively pursuing a new home or incarnation for "Firefly."

David Fury (Writer/Producer) - A writer on the show for five seasons, Fury is also a consulting producer for "Angel." With that shows renewal for a fifth season, Fury will make the full time jump to "Angel" as well.

Jane Espenson (Writer/Producer) - Jane wrote for both "Buffy" and "Angel" during her five seasons at Mutant Enemy. She moves now to The WB hit, "The Gilmore Girls" as a staff writer.

Drew Greenberg (Writer) - Drew made his writing debut on "Buffy" in season six with "Smashed" and wrote six episodes in total as well as one for "Firefly." During his appearance on The Succubus Club Radio Show in May, Greenberg said he is in talks to join the "Smallville" writing staff.

Drew Goddard (Writer) - The newest writer on "Buffy" - only added to the staff in season seven - wrote five episodes. Per his appearance on The Succubus Club Radio Show a few weeks ago, he revealed there was a place for him on the "Angel" writing staff if it was renewed. It has been so expectations are to see Goddard at the "Angel" offices come July.

Marti Noxon (Co-Executive Producer/Writer) - Noxon was the show runner for the last two seasons on "Buffy" as Whedon moved on to develop and launch "Firefly" last year. She signed to executive produce the Fox supernatural pilot, "Still Life" in the late spring and is awaiting news of its pick-up this week.

Rebecca Kirshner and Doug Petrie (Writers) are still looking to sign their next projects.