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Why Firefly will Never Die

Timothy Sprinkle

Saturday 29 April 2006, by Webmaster

Joss Whedon’s Firefly was canceled in 2002, but don’t tell the Browncoats.

These superfans continue to produce weekly podcasts and engage in live-action role-playing games inspired by the TV show.

Browncoat Andrew Schultz recently raised $1,300 in 24 hours to help Fox produce a second season.

Studio officials scoffed, saying that fan funding is "simply not a realistic scenario."

But the Browncoats aren’t giving up.

They’re looking into licensing the rights to create and distribute new Firefly episodes on DVD or on demand - an arrangement that would cost millions.

"I have no doubt that there will be new stories, whether they are in comic book form, a movie, or a new TV series," Schultz says.

"It’ll happen; it’s just too good to let die."

2 Forum messages

  • Why Firefly will Never Die

    1 May 2006 01:04, by JoBo
    Thats not the attitude ALAN TUDYK had at Collectormania this weekend. Something, in one capacity or another, will happen people!!
  • Why Firefly will Never Die

    2 May 2006 23:07, by JoBo
    Thats not what ALAN TUDYK was saying at the Collectormania 9 event at the weekend. It WILL continue in one way or another. Don’t lose hope guys, something will happen.