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Win a Serenity Collector’s Edition DVD on Serenitystuff.com

Tuesday 14 August 2007, by Webmaster

In one day the Serenity CE shot up in Amazon’s sales rankings from #51 to #11. I see this as a good sign, probably due to Universal’s increased advertising, IGN’s great review, and Amazon’s “By the way” e-mail to Firefly-purchasers (and, of course, my nagging).

And yet, it’s still not enough. The word must be spread. So I’m offering a bribe.

Post about the new Serenity DVD on your blog, on forums, in comments sections. Post a review at an online bookstore or music shop or Netflix. And comment here to let me know about it. I’ll draw a winner at random from the comments and send a DVD your way.

However, don’t spam anybody. No mass e-mails, no mass posting in forums. All you’ll do is annoy people and annoyed people won’t buy the DVD. Stick with your own blog/MySpace/LiveJournal/whatever, and forums and other places where a mention of this great new DVD would be appropriate. Spamming will get you disqualified.

Click on the link :