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WonderCon announces Serenity cast appearances

Tuesday 8 February 2005, by Webmaster

Joss Whedon and stars of Serenity at WonderCon!

We’ve been telling you for months now that some of the cast members of the eagerly awaited movie Serenity will be appearing at WonderCon along with director/creator Joss Whedon. We’re excited to announce that Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau (pictured, left to right) will be joining Joss on the WonderCon stage at 1:00PM on Saturday. Room 134/135

It’s here...the complete WonderCon programming schedule for 2005!

We have a big weekend planned with close to 60 day and nighttime events, including the first-ever WonderCon Masquerade.

The WonderCon programming schedule includes panels like "Cover Story," featuring Alex Ross, Neal Adams, Adam Hughes and William Stout, moderated by Mark Evanier, Kevin Smith and Brian Michael Bendis appear together on the same panel for the first time, talking about comics, writing, movies, whatever they want to talk about.

Mark Evanier is back, doing our famous "Quick Draw" event, which is cartoon improv, with Sergio AragonÚs, Jeff Smith, Steve Leialoha and Scott Shaw!, and Evanier will also do his patented Golden/Silver Age panel with Arnold Drake, Creig Flessel and Russ Heath.