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Zap2it - TV Gal Focuses on the Positive

Tuesday 7 October 2003

TV Gal Focuses on the Positive By Amy Amatangelo

To the TV Gal Readers Belongs the Spoils

Look for Spike to regain corporeal form in episode seven. Also look for Spike and Harmony to resume their relationship. In addition to a guest spot from the Slayer, we’re also guaranteed to see Willow before the season is over. Now who do I have to talk to about getting Andrew to Los Angeles ?

Highlights of the Week Ahead All times listed are Eastern Standard Time for Oct. 6 to Oct. 12

We’ll get to see Angel’s new swank apartment in this week’s episode of "Angel" (Wednesday, WB, 9 p.m.). New clothes, new living arrangement, limo drivers, personal assistants, hmmm ... maybe I’ll apply for a job at Wolfram & Hart. The most fascinating thing about this episode is the opening sequence which shows Spike’s final scenes on the "Buffy" series finale. Please note that when remembered from Spike’s perspective, certain lines are strangely missing.

Don’t you dare forget that this is the "Miss Match" (Friday, NBC, 8 p.m.) that features Charisma Carpenter as Kate’s high school classmate. You’ll see shades of the early Cordy in Carpenter’s hysterical performance.