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Zap2it - TV Gal Weeps (And Not With Joy) Over the Emmys

By Amy Amatangelo

Tuesday 23 September 2003, by Webmaster

It’s Raining Shows, Hallelujah

We’ve waited patiently, and now the week is finally here. With so many shows to choose from, I decided to break this week’s crop into three categories: Click It (Three or more VCRs), Skip It (Less than one and a half VCRs) or Not Yet Sure About It (anywhere in between). For a recap of the TV Gal ratings system, check out my column from Sept. 8.

Click It

Miss Match" (NBC, 8 p.m. Friday): Ah, cruel TV schedule, why must you mock me by pitting two of the best dramas of the new season against each other? Alicia Silverstone returns to her charming "Clueless" persona as matchmaker/divorce attorney Kate Fox. The light-hearted drama from executive producer Darren Star is like "Sex and the City" with less sex and more actual dating mishaps. And don’t forget that we’ll be seeing Charisma Carpenter in episode two (I’ve seen it. She’s great.). How much do we love the guest casting on this series? As much as you are going to love "Miss Match." I promise. Four VCRs.

To the TV Gal Reader Belong the Spoils

Okay, I’ve also seen the first two episodes of "Angel," which premieres Wednesday, Oct. 1. I thought the first episode was okay, and the second episode was fabulous. Just take a guess which one blondie bear is in. The first episode is a little awkward, since the series is busy setting up its new premise and dealing with the fact that Cordy and Connor are no longer around. I’m not sure if I totally buy the new premise, but I’m clear on two things — the Eve character is beyond annoying (cancel her fast), and I never want to see the gang in a courtroom again. The stuff with Spike (or Casper, as Captain Forehead calls him) is excellent, since it plays into the mythology and history both "Angel" and "Buffy" have been building for seven years.