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Buffy Animated

Buffy The Animated Series - Voice Casting Informations

Saturday 29 May 2004, by Webmaster

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Giselle Loren the new voice of Buffy

We have new -yet unconfirmed- information about the voice of Buffy Summers in the Animated Series!

Her name is Giselle Loren and she’s reportedly going to join the team of Tony Head, Aly Hannigan and Nick Brendon for the animated series.

She is known as the voice double of SMG on the video games, so Buffy’s voice will sound very similar to what we’re used to hearing.

Nicholas Brendon - Alexander ’Xander’ Harris
Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg
Anthony Stuart Head - Rupert Giles
Giselle Loren - Buffy Summers (uconfirmed)

Running Time 30 min
Type Animated
Country United States

We want to stress that TV Tome is not known to be one of the most reliable sources. Nevertheless, we wanted to inform you about the update since the information provided on TV Tome concerning the other voices (Tony, Aly and Nick) have been confirmed by other more reliable sources.

More infos about Giselle Loren :

Film: (partial listing)

Mobland - (Steve Kaufman)

The Portrait - (Paul Levin)

A Player, AFI - (Adolfo Quinones)

Xicano - (Eddie Arguelles)

Television: (partial listing)

Angeles, Sony/Termundo - (Sylvia Morales)

General Hospital, (ABC)

The Bold & The Beautiful (Bell/Phillips - CBS)

Taifu, Animation (DreamWorks)

Live Television:

News Channel 2 , Anchor - (Doug Logan, PROD.)

Theatre: (partial listing)

The Furthest Room (Stella Adler Theatre)

Couple On A Couch (Hudson Theatre)

No Talking On The Dance Floor (St. Genesius Theater)

The Nite Nite Show (HBO Workspace)

Celt In A Mexican Suit (Hollywood Playhouse)

As You Like It (Kinightsbridge Theatre)

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