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Buffy Ultimate Dvd Box 7 Seasons - 33 Good Quality Photos !'>
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Ultimate Dvd Box 7 Seasons - 33 Good Quality Photos !

Monday 22 November 2004, by Webmaster

Photos by iSlayer.

Click on the link to order : Buffy 7 Seasons - Dvd Box Set

Well, here you have it. All of it. Seven years of painstaking work,of pain and creation, of wit, confusion, strength, compromise and achievement... of me, dreaming of nightmares.

To say that Buffy has been the greatest, most difficult, and rewarding experience of my career thus far would actually be to undersell its significance. It represents the best work (again, so far) of so many talented people I can’t possibly name them all here. David Greenwalt and Marti Noxon, who ran the show with me are more responsible for its shape and terrible beauty than i ever intend to give them credit for, do spring to mind. But so many great writers, actors and crew labored beyond the beyond to make this show happen that it extended, as true art does, beyond my reach. This show ran me, not the other way around. It told me what to say, what to show, when to give comfort and when to draw blood. This show, seven years of it, is a living thing. Put it on your shelf, and go to bed. It’ll whisper to you in your sleep.

Joss Whedon

Buffy Ultimate Dvd Box 7 Seasons - 33 Good Quality Photos ! - Gallery

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  • > Buffy Ultimate Dvd Box 7 Seasons - 33 Good Quality Photos !

    22 November 2004 12:25, by AlysonRocks!!!
    Is it better to buy the each season separately or this box? I mean are they the same DVDS?With the same extras and stuff I mean...I guess the covers are different but how about the "inside" material?
  • wow. its looks great. if I didnt have the 7 seasons already I’d buy this straight away.
  • > Buffy Ultimate Dvd Box 7 Seasons - 33 Good Quality Photos !

    22 November 2004 14:06, by Its Just Me

    I think a lot of fans will buy this. I for one. I sold all my old DVD boxsets and bought this one and made some money from it as well. This box set is a very nice collectors item which is really nice for a fan to own, so yes people will buy it.

    You can sell your boxsets on e-bay and make more than enough to buy this!

  • I was able to read the back there - it says the box set also includes a letter from Joss, and a selection of his favorite episodes. along with all the stuff in the regular dvds. I’m still debating whether I want it all or not, I already have the first season, that it. (bigger ANGEL fan, so I have all of those)
  • You can always do what I did. I bought all the boxsets when they came out but when this was announced I sold all the individual sets on E-Bay (and got close to 200) and bought this special edition boxset for 140. Not only do you make a bit of money you get the lovely limited edition boxset at the same time.
  • People keep borrowing my boxsets so although I paid heaps and everyone else got the new aussie ones for like 22 bucks each, I am looking to buy American ones. This looks like what I will buy, it looks good and I won’t let any people borrow them or scratch them or spill food one them :)

    See online : boxset

  • lol, stop your belly aching people. At least you can buy it! I cant. lol which is sort of pathetic, but hey it goes to show you. The WB always complained about how they needed to reach a younger audience with Buffy/Angel. I’m one of those! How i wish i could have a DVD set. It’s nice to at least get to see what the inside of the box looks like ::sighs::
  • > Buffy Ultimate Dvd Box 7 Seasons - 33 Good Quality Photos !

    23 November 2004 11:05, by bellpacket
    I can’t wait to own this. I already own seasons 1-6 but I’m going to sell them after I get this. It looks so cool! I’m trying not to read Joss’ letter until I get it myself, don’t want to spoil the fun ;)
  • I got mine yesturday and it is fantastic. However Joss’ choices are very strange, but that is because he didn’t want to put any one that he did in there!! The actual DVDs inside are exactly the same by the way. Going to watch them till my eyes bleed! Lovely!
  • one can only guess that they are probably gonna do something like this for Angel after a couple of months of Season 5
  • These are great...But I already have season 7 in DVD Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer....But these would be great for a person who has just dicided to collect the seasons.

    See online : >Buffy Ultimate Dvd Box 7 Seasons-33 Good Quality Photos!

  • Bargain! Its pretty inexpensive from many suppliers and high quality. I just recieved it in the mail today (the postman said sorry for it taking so long - should of arrived on the 22nd) and the box is very small (compact) and easy to store... which is a good thing!

    I’m not too sure of Joss’s list of episodes, but its still an interesting read and I suppose the fact he didn’t list any of his own episodes kinda made the list a bit different to my own.

    Welcome To The Hellmouth: "I’m Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. For some ungodly reason you’ve clicked onto the audio commentary portion of this DVD. Which means you probably have too much free time on your hands, but I will endeavour to walk you through this and give you hundreds of fascinating... well, like, four fascinating insights into the production and what was going on when we shot this delightful episode of television."

  • Well, I still need season 6 to complete my set. I had to buy out of order because Target has Season 7 in a two-day sale for only $17.77, couldn’t pass that up. I wonder, and do any of you know, if they will release Angel in a complete box set ? I don’t have any of Angel yet...
  • It says: "143 episodes on 39 discs" shouldnt it be 144?
  • Did this thing actually get released? The picture amazon has up when you click on the link is just a shot of all the regular box sets.