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my Serenity 40th bday cake: shiny!

Tuesday 14 July 2009, by Webmaster

"Yup, that went well."

Short story: My friend matt bought a Charm City Cake of the spaceship Serenity for my 40th bday and a) it’s going to appear on a future episode of Ace of Cakes and b) they filmed my reaction and asked some questions of us, etc.

Long story and the part I didn’t know about until afterwards: Last June my friend Matt came up with a brilliant idea of a surprise gift: a cake from Charm City Cakes in the shape of Serenity. He knows how much I adored Firefly (will not shake fist in sky in anger that it was canceled. well, maybe a little bit) and he wanted to do something nice for me as a thank you for my friendship. So off went an email asking for a quote. Well, next thing you know, deposit made and contracts signed, including one that says he fully understands that not every cake is filmed, etc. Things were going along great and then a week and a half before my birthday he gets an email. “We’d like to feature your cake on the show. We need to talk to the lawyers at Fox to get their permission to use the image of Serenity, but if we can, we want to do it.” Matt agreed to it. Then on Monday they called saying Fox lawyers said yes and it’d be nice if his friend could come down and they could film her reaction.”

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