Monday 5 December 2005, by Anonymous :

Why does Gunn have an eyepatch on?

Tuesday 6 December 2005, by Anonymous :

to the first poster: maybe he loses his eye in the final battle.

Tuesday 6 December 2005, by Anna :

No. He actually dies. But I have no idea why the eyepatch is on. Xander, on the other hand...

Tuesday 6 December 2005, by Anonymous :

Did the artist go out of his way to make the characters look nothing like the actors in the second cover?

Tuesday 6 December 2005, by Anonymous :

Re: 2nd pic for Old Friends.... So Illyria decided to enchance her "shell" with silicone implants, Gunn decided to go for the Xander look (undoubtedly for the hot chicks), Spike had a potato attached to his nose (for no discernable reason), and Angel apparently melded with Riley. Hmmmm...

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