Monday 5 December 2005, by Eagle Ear :

Interesting. In the first paragraph, where the writer pretty much disses David Boreanaz, I thought he didn’t like the show. Then he says its the best new drama on TV, a statement with which I wholeheartedly agree. It didn’t really sound like he liked Temperence, either.

But I do agree with his comments about the way they dress. What’s an FBI agent (or anyone for that matter) doing spending $1200 for a suit? I thought at the time that was a really lame comment. And I’m a scientist and work with many other scientists. None of us dresses like Temperence, especially all the big clunky necklaces. She’s supposed to be all unaware of pop culture, but she dresses like she is very aware.

I love this show, but really wish she’d be a little more aware. Many of her comments defy logic, and if she says "I don’t know what that means" one more time, and she will, well, I’ll .... I don’t know what I’ll do, but I won’t turn off the show. In fact, I tape it so I can watch it several times. And that’s all for DB, not ED.

Monday 5 December 2005, by Eagle Ear :

Oh, and I love the writer’s comments about David Caruso. He is so phoney. My daughter and I make fun of him throughout the show. We still watch it, but it would be so much better without DC as the lead character. DB would be so much better in the role. Fantasy - after Bones tanks against Lost (in Jan), maybe they could kill off DC and replace him with DB. A girl can dream!

Wednesday 7 December 2005, by Maike :

I think it is a rather strange review, too. Most of the time, John Leonard sounds like he is criticizing; he seems to say that David Boreanaz’s acting isn’t as good as it was as Angel, and that Emily Deschanel’s character is overdone, that the FBI is portrayed as caring about people and that this is too far removed from reality, I read that he criticizes the fact the the scientists only care about the scientific aspect of it... Well, I’m not a scientist myself, but and I’ve once watched an interview with the famous German forensic biologiest Mark Benecke, and he himself said, that really they (the forensic biologists/anthropologists) are not concerned with the crime as such, and don’t get involved in the case. They just look at certain aspects, and as such it is a purely scientific approach - so how can you criticize that fact in the show? (where the ’squints’ actually get way more involved in the cases as it actually ever happens in reality...). Or doesn’t Leonard criticize? If not, he’s got a very strange way of doing so.

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