Wednesday 26 November 2003, by Anonymous :

He really should realize that the bulk of his fans are young and cant afford 78,000 bucks for a used mercedes

Friday 28 November 2003, by Not a used-car salesman :

Now that’s funny!! "no one is interested in the $78,000 asking price." I guess being famous on tv does have it’s limitations lol. I do feel sorry for the guy, I mean he wrestled himself away from BuffyTVS, got his own gig with Angel(BTW this season of the series i find way better then the preceeding seasons, something to do with the writing I guess) and then he finds he sucks as a used-car salesman.My advice to him would be: Dude, don’t give up your day-job just yet for a sensual sexy career switch in used automobile sales. Not every1 is cut out to be everyman’s dream: a used-car salesman.

Sunday 30 November 2003, by MGAB :

But Why did he want to buy his car in the first place? I saw a picture of the car and It’s great. I wish I had one of those. Nevertheless, I wish I had the money just to spend the day with him. Mary GAby A-B

Wednesday 3 December 2003, by Hunter :

I would go rob a bank and buy James Marsters car. But only if he delivered it personally and spent the day with me. Then I would chain him in my room and never let him go till he sees how much I love him. Man, doesnt that sound familiar.

Monday 8 December 2003, by Anonymous :

totally agree with you guys. He should have let James sell the car. Hell i would buy it! lol

Tuesday 9 December 2003, by Tami Stewart :

It wasnt that no one wanted his car, it was that no one could afford his car! If I could have, I would have given him $100,00 for the car and a day with him. I think he is awesome!!!

Tuesday 23 December 2003, by Mary :

Hey I would totally buy his car and to get it personally delivered by him oh my god... but most of his fans cannot afford an $78,000 car and neither could he until a couple of years ago. I dont think that James would not have faired any better. If you cant afford it when David is selling it nothing is going to change if James were to sell it.

Thursday 22 April 2004, by Korey :

I tried to convince my husband to let me buy the car. But he wasn’t too thrilled. I am not sure it was the $ but more my intense desire to spend the day with David! Oh well, maybe another time....

Tuesday 27 February 2007, by Blacklion :

What kind of car is it, anyway? It’s a Benz, right? Anyone know the model?

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