Thursday 27 November 2003, by Anonymous :

Wow. She looks so skinny. 10 more pounds and implants baby. WOO!

Saturday 29 November 2003, by Anonymous :

in my opinion.......she sucks man!!!!

Saturday 29 November 2003, by Anonymous :

she is 17 i thougt she is 13

Sunday 28 December 2003, by Anonymous :

you know, if you ask me michelle took so stupid pointers from sarah michelle gellar. SMG did the same thing went from buffy to cruel intentions just so people woulndt think of her as just the goody two shoes buffy

Sunday 28 December 2003, by Anonymous :

Will someone just get her a sandwich or something, quickly?

Saturday 3 January 2004, by Anonymous :

Woah, she may be pretty but ugh, this almost seems like underage stuff. Gross, I was two seconds away from reporting this. But I guess, she’s 17... okay. All better...???

Monday 5 January 2004, by DF :

You can be pretty much any age to be wearing a bra people. I know like 90% of the BTVS fan-base are like prudes but BTVS is over. Girls in real life are not like in BTVS. I was enjoying the pictures until I looked down and read all this unnecassary ranting. Pity.

Monday 5 January 2004, by Lisa :

Hi, im not a fan of Michelle and at the start of Buffy i thought that she was a brat and i still thinks she is. But leave the poor girl alone, she doesn’t go around telling you that your too skinny/fat. She isn’t that thin i’ve seen thiner. I give the girl credit, she a great actress. I’d love to be thin like her and have her shape. Just leave her alone coz it’s not fair on her.

Monday 5 January 2004, by Anonymous :

guys come, on, give the girl a break. I’m a very similar shape to michelle, except i have smaller boobs:P and I don’t think she looks at all too skinny. For an actress in Hollywood, compered to the majority of others, she has a healthy, great looking body.

Saturday 10 January 2004, by Melissa :

u guys need to leave michelle alone! she is 18 years old, she isint a baby! or a hoe! britney spears was WORSE aty 18! get over it!

Monday 12 January 2004, by Anonymous :

What the hell is wrong with you people? Just because half of America is horribly obese doesn’t mean everyone has to be. There’s nothing wrong with the poor girl.

Thursday 22 January 2004, by Anonymous :

Ok she is totally hot!!! Ever since btvs season 7 the episode "HIM" where she does the slutty dance with the guy at the Bronze I have known she is awesome. I think she is as sexy as any woman I have ever seen

Saturday 24 January 2004, by Anonymous :

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!!! I suppose those of you drooling over these love the kiddie porn, too!?!

It’s really sad she has to exploit herself like this at such a young age just to get noticed (by a bunch of guys who could probably be her father). You can’t tell me she’s doing it for the really excellent script...

While I find it sad, it is, in fact, your right to enjoy such questionable material! It’s just unfortunate so many people get off on this crap.

Friday 30 January 2004, by cell7 :

i think she the bomb my guess is when she turn legal she will probably go all out and do full nudity maybe she get a implant to do round her self out in short she will be corrupted like all of young womens her age by ho, or hollywood ha aha aha .:-)

Saturday 31 January 2004, by Dave :

Who’s the idiot that compared her pictures to Child Porn? Shagging her wouldn’t even qualify as statutory rape, never mind paedophilia.

She’s 18 for Christ sake.

Sunday 1 February 2004, by Anonymous :

You can see her ribs, but she isn’t that skinny-she has enough on her to have shape. She’s really pretty, and I couldnt watch her on buffy without thinkin about her looks. Everybody talkin how skinny or young she is knows they like her.

Sunday 1 February 2004, by Soph :

18, people! EIGHTEEN!!! For christsakes, this ain’t child porn! And, its not only 50-year-old men who’ll be looking at this and drooling, there’s people like me, 18-yr-old -women-, okay? Not child porn, she’s legal. Anyway, I think she looks fantastic in these pics. People say that she’s too skinny, but I think its just right - she’s got a beautiful figure.

Monday 2 February 2004, by Anonymous :

she was 17 when it was filmed

Monday 2 February 2004, by Anonymous :

She was 17 when she filmed the scenes in Prague last summer. She turned 18 last November.

Monday 2 February 2004, by jake :

i love guys saying things like shagging.. i just love you guys go you

Wednesday 4 February 2004, by Mr Evil :

I can’t believe some of the shit I’m reading here about kiddie porn etc.

What you need to remember is that in most of the world, 16 is the legal age of consent. It’s not our fault that you come from a backward country....

Wednesday 4 February 2004, by Jaime :

Michelle looks great, tone and sleek. I hope she had fun with this role, and tries to diversify even further. I really want to see what else she’s capable of. She’s a fantastic actress and has a great career to look forward to.

Friday 6 February 2004, by Vera :

She looks great. Kudos to her for not becoming typecast. I will personally always see her as Dawny from BTVS, though. Hee. You all should relax! She’s 18 years old. Last time I checked that meant adult. By the way, what is wrong with a long neck, and visible ribs?!

Sunday 8 February 2004, by Anonymous :

Dudes, Dudettes, you must realise that while Michelle Trachtenberg is beautiful and all, she’s probably fairly shallow. People are saying they’ll be ’the first to say’ that they see more than a hot girl behind her, but to be painfully honest, they can’t. You people don’t know her personally so how can you possibly think that you do?

Sunday 8 February 2004, by Ruckas :

I been lovin Michelle Trachtenburg since I was in the 3rd grade and she was in "Harriet the Spy". She was hot back then and I knew she was gonna grow up to be hotter. I KNEW IT!

Sunday 8 February 2004, by the Grease :

Did anyone ever think that maybe she picked this role because she is young and wants to have a FUN role? One she can just mess around in? I’m 18 too. I live because I want to enjoy life. This is one of those stupid movies aimed at people like me. The people who are too young to be arguing about stupid shit like the rest of you. People at my age like to live just for the pure joy of life. We like to have fun A LOT. So lay off. She made her decision. You don’t like it? Sounds like a personal problem.

Wednesday 11 February 2004, by Anonymous :

I’m 17, I think she’s hot. Is that wrong for me to think a girl my age is hot? Lighten up.

Have you seen some of the movies actress` like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie (Just to name a few) have done to get to where they are now? Everyones gotta start somewhere.

Lighten up!

Wednesday 11 February 2004, by Anonymous :

Michelle is legal and hot! Hope she does lots of nudity int future.

Thursday 12 February 2004, by Worldpost :

Michelle is absolutely stunning. A maturing actress sometimes takes these types of roles for the pure publicity factor.

Judging from these photos.. Hello Maxim, FHM and the like..

A sure fire formula for future hollywood sucess..

Thank you Hollywood!!

Thursday 12 February 2004, by Skye :

I think she looks just right for a young, maturing woman! For those you that think she is too thin, in 5 years that long frame of hers will be amazing.

To the idiot who compared the lovely pictures to child porn - get out more!!

She probably did this movie to turn a few heads in hollywood, not to get an Oscar. If it works, we’ll be seeing more of her in the future in roles she can pick from. That’s good for all of us.

Thursday 12 February 2004, by Anonymous :

she is so sexy and cute...(nice brests to)..

Friday 13 February 2004, by Anonymous :

I read online that Michelle’s like the only actress in the movie who doesn’t show her naked tits. They should be sued for false advertising, saying she "gets into the spirit at a nude beach" on their site.

Monday 16 February 2004, by Anonymous :

i think michelle is so hot. i would love to see her on a nude beach any time. if you know what i mean yea baby

Thursday 19 February 2004, by Anonymous :

okay. dude. calm down. she’s hot, she’s of age...and it doesn’t really matter that she wasn’t at the time of the shoot. because she was 17, which is...dum dum dum...about the age of the character she plays. so quit being prudes and deal with the fact that teenagers have breasts.

Friday 20 February 2004, by Laura. :

people get over it. i’m a michelle fan and she happends to be related to a friend of mine. i’ve only met her once and that was when we where 15. she wasn’t really skinny then and isn’t now. you want skinny what about Nichole kidman? did anyone else see those pics a few weeks back?? i’ve seen starving kids with more meat on them than her. michelle is a beautiful young woman. and for those of you who say shes probally shallow she isn’t!!!!! she’s probally one of the smartest people i’ve ever met. oh and she did this movie because she wanted to try to break the image she’s been put with since BTVS. LEAVE HER ALONE.

Saturday 21 February 2004, by Cohen :

Does it not concern anyone that Michelle is so very, very thin, surely that’s not healthy. Having recently started university, I can attest to the fact that far too many girls are thinking that bony arms and visible ribs are attractive. Now i’m not some fat fetishist, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that a girl not remind me of skeletor (who despite being a great villain is not the sort of person you’d want to spend a romantic evening with).

Monday 23 February 2004, by Anonymous :

Love teenage girls in bikinis...I’m sorry but society begs us to look at these girls and the girls beg that we look at them. I’ll watch any guy’s eyes at a mall and any half way decent teenage girl that goes by, they will sneak a glance. Who can blame them, the female form from 16-22 is very beautiful...though the person is usually extraordinarily selfish. If women had that body at the age of 30+ when their sex drive kicks in, we would have some very happy men. And for you sloppy creepy fat guys trying to bag a babe: work out and have some money (Kevin Costner) and she’ll be yours.

Tuesday 24 February 2004, by Anonymous :

hollllly shit she is fucking anorexic. how can you find those bones attractive man? break her like a toothpick. ew. nick

Friday 27 February 2004, by StageFrightz :

I agree with Laura.... get over it. She looks great! If she were a few pounds more, then folks would be complaining she’s too fat... which wouldn’t be the case, either. Maybe she liked the script, maybe she didn’t. Sometimes an actor has to do films they might not think are the best (if that’s the case) in order to keep from getting typecast.

Saturday 28 February 2004, by Ty :

Michelle and I are getting married...;].I know it’s a shock for everyone...we didn’t want to tell anyone yet but now it’s out! No date scheduled yet...actually she hasn’t said "yes" yet. I have a good feeling it’s going to work out. She’s gorgeous! she’s definetly doing something right. And no, I’m not a forty year old guy who stocks younger girls that score roles on movies. 19 and diggin it! ..She’s like an actual role model...don’t see too many of those do ya?

Sunday 29 February 2004, by Anonymous :

i think its wrong because i think of her as the girl from harriet the spy and harriet shouldn’t having her boobs hanging out and it makes me sad

Monday 1 March 2004, by God :

Yea guys, she pretty nice, but in my eyes she will always be that lil midget in the movie Harriet the Spy...

Tuesday 2 March 2004, by TephS :

As a girl her age, she isn’t too skinny. Chances are, she’s just sucking her stomach in, because you can see that in the second picture, she still has baby fat around her middle barely hanging off the waistline of her pants. And...I’m also born in 1985, so... My friends and I have paraded around in bikinis quite often in the summertime. If you head over to a local high school around May, I’m sure you’d see the same thing. Personally, I don’t agree with the image she’s portraying, but...hey. It’s all good. ...Plus it would make me a hypocrite.

Wednesday 3 March 2004, by Dawn’s Prince :

Either Michelle has lost ALOT of weight VERY FAST, or something... But she will always reign as the true goddess of Buffy

Saturday 6 March 2004, by Spike’s true mistress :

OK, reeling here in England. Call me backward, but do you have to be 18 to legally get some in America? Buffy lost hers to Angel on her 17th birthday, didn’t she? It’s one thing to shag a vampire, but under the age of consent!!! Tut bloody tut and HELLO! There are movements afoot here to consider lowering the age of consent, purely because so many kids under 16 are at it anyway. I don’t agree with making something legal because so many people are breaking the law, but bitching about a 17 year old actress in a bikini is beyond pathetic. Surely, unless Michelle Trachtenberg is a complete airhead she realised at the time that dirty old (and young) men (and women) were going to do stuff over her pictures. Her choice, don’t ya think?

Sunday 14 March 2004, by TheAgonyofBlank :

Yeah, it definitely looks like she’s sucking her stomach in in the second picture, and in the first one she’s sorta stretching, which explains why you can see her ribs.

Monday 12 April 2004, by Cypherbob :

She is a smart young woman who makes her own decisions and I thouroughly support that. If she chooses to do a role like this I am sure that there are many motivations for her doing so from breaking out of the dawn stereotype to just having fun. I am sure that she would never do a role just to say "Hey, I’m maturing now and here’s my body to prove it."

She is aware that many young women see her as a role model but she is also aware of what she wants out of life.

Friday 16 April 2004, by Anonymous :

I feel embarrassed for her. She’s very pretty but clearly doesn’t have the figure to pull off those kind of shots. She’s maaad skinny and...ugh. It just doesn’t work.

Saturday 8 May 2004, by Anonymous :

Michelle is a beautiful girl, but she looks way too thin in those pictures. Her ribs are showing.. The 2nd picture is a little more flattering, but you can see her ribs showing way too much in the top one.

Monday 17 May 2004, by Anonymous :

god... dont you people have anythig better to talk about. GET A LIFE! its been on here for months get over it

Monday 31 May 2004, by Anonymous :

Maybe im just younger than all of you but i always remember her as mona from Pete and Pete.

Wednesday 2 June 2004, by x factor :

lol. Her body is perfect for a bikini shot. Let’s not all buy into this politically correct stuff and say she’s too skinny just to make us heavier folks feel better about ourselves.

Michelle has got a fantastic body and should be proud to show it off!

Sunday 6 June 2004, by Paige :

Oh, stop complaining about her weight! If her ribs weren’t showing, you guys would say she needs to lose some weight and put on a one piece. You’re just mad because she’s a rich 18 yr old girl that looks great in everything. Thanks.

Wednesday 9 June 2004, by Anonymous :

Technically she’s over 18 and a half now, so YEAH BABY!!

Thursday 17 June 2004, by icetiger :

The rib bones are quite disturbing...

Thursday 17 June 2004, by zammecki :

Michelle T, probably the sexiest babe on Planet Earth at this time.

Saturday 23 October 2004, by ThunderX :

GOD SHE IS HOT!!! I don’t know why you guys are arguing about her weight...she’s skinny and that’s that. She also looks great in bikinis and revealed bras ’,:-)

Monday 20 December 2004, by 16yo EQ PLaYa :

ahhh yes good stuff (just got done jacking off to her)

Saturday 22 January 2005, by Anonymous :

Guys, I’m 6’ tall, 180 lbs. and MY ribs show, quite as easily as hers. She has a wonderful shape, and when you’re speaking only of images, especially still ones, that’s what matters. If you’ve seen the movie, you know the role is about much more than her appearance anyway. She’s genuinely funny and endearing. Besides, she’s plenty old enough to make her own role decisions.

Sunday 15 May 2005, by Wonder_007 :

Olha...sou brasileiro e naum entendo nada do que eles estão falando aqui, mas queria deixar a minha opinião: "simplesmente ela é uma Deusa".

Saturday 9 July 2005, by Anonymous :

OH SHUT UP PEOPLE. You can see all of her bones in her entire body, so she is too skinny. So get over it! She’s too skinny! And too skinny is not sexy. Plus she has tiny boobs! They should have cast a more sexier girl to play the role. I think MT needs to stick to being the little-sister.

Monday 25 July 2005, by gaby :

estubo muy buena la peli. diganle a kristin que esta fatal igual que vos. quiciera que me manden el tema que le cantaban a scoty.

Sunday 7 August 2005, by Brittany :

she is a very pretty girl but that first picture isnt sexy its just kinds like whao and sweetie eat some food.

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