Wednesday 10 March 2004, by Anonymous :

thank you so much. any light is good light but i will keep fighting even with no light at all. remember don’t give up without a bite. oops i mean fight !!grrr & fangs donna

Friday 12 March 2004, by Anonymous :

well any light is a good light. I really hope something does turn up and i really hope that there is gonna be another season of Angel but i wont get my hopes up incase they get crushed. (im from Australia and i think the show rocks)


Thursday 10 June 2004, by tom :

it would be great to bring the team back for one more season to wrap the whole show up. i got the feeling from last epiosde that joss was being clever by ending it how he did by leaving the door wide open for a season 6.could angels back up plan be andrew with a amry of slayers. tom from uk

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