Sunday 18 April 2004, by Anonymous :

Oh, goody, let’s ENCOURAGE the papparazi who annoy our favourite stars and intrude on their privacy..

Monday 19 April 2004, by Neo :

She can do better!

Monday 19 April 2004, by Sarah michelle obsessed and loving it! :

She is actually just healthy weight to me so leave her alone. Still not as pretty as sarah michelle to me though, cause she is just gorgeous. Anyone agree?

Monday 10 May 2004, by Anonymous :

hey guys!! yea i do think that eliza can do alot beta than dat dude but then again we aint got a good look at him cuz those pix r madd small u kno. So i guess we shoodnt judge lol but i stil wil lol. N yeah she is madd pretty n she aint to skinney n she does got big boobs lol. Rite look at like the 3rd or 4th pic n it looks like shes smokin!!! whoa lol!!! but wat ken i say w.e floats her boat!!! :)!!

Sunday 16 May 2004, by Katie :

I just saw her the other day on some talk show and she looks like she is pretty healthy (weight wise) and by the way, yes she smokes. Get over it. If its her new boyfriend and she wants people to know, then Im sure she will tell everyone when she is ready. So leave her alone. She has a right to a personal life too ya know. Im not trying to be mean, but Im just saying just because she is an actress, dosent mean people should be all up in her business.

Saturday 22 May 2004, by p00p :

eliza is smoking in that 3rd pic. she is quite the heavy chainsmoker actually. that turns me on. i would very much like to have sex with eliza while she is smoking.

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