Sunday 30 May 2004, by Anonymous :

HA HA! screw you WB. I hope now they are regretting cancelling the show. I hope this leads the way to TV movies....and even better...a feature film

Sunday 30 May 2004, by Anonymous :

.....that’s great!....i wish this would’ve happened sooner....then the WB probably would’nt have cancelled the show:(.....

Sunday 30 May 2004, by mike :

so there, wb!

Sunday 30 May 2004, by LizBit :

*throws this into The WB’s metaphorical face*



Sunday 30 May 2004, by Anonymous :

"My god, quick, somebody cancel that Angel show before people realize what garbage we’re showing in comparison!"

Tuesday 1 June 2004, by lordcliffton :

A feature film would be, as bill & ted used to say, "Most Excellent!". Hope it happens. There would be lots and lots of cool special effects then! Also a deeper story line & lots of room for multiple plot lines which can be very interesting. Not to mention a SEQUEL!

Doubt it’ll happen though as David now has a child with his lovely wife Jaime Bergman, and probably wants to be a dad for a bit.

Oh yeah, IN YO FACE WB! BAM!!!! peace

Wednesday 2 June 2004, by Diana Bennett :

The Show is the greatest show that i have watched in a long time. keeps you on your toes. the cast is great. but i’ll miss wess he was great in the show. And cordilia you have to bring her back so that her and angel can be together. i want very much to continue watching this show. I am a 44 yr. old woman that all i have is my tv shows. So please don’t discontinue the show.

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