Monday 31 May 2004, by James :

Damn, this is scary. Now can you Spike fanatics tell this guy is really 42 years old? He looks every bit of it here. I have heard his group and I don’t think they are that great. I will take Christian Kane and his band over Ghost of the Robot any day.

Monday 31 May 2004, by Anonymous :

what are you complaining about? he looks damn good. wait & see if YOU look that good when you hit 40.

Monday 31 May 2004, by sarah :

do you know for sure that he is 42 years old? i’ve read so many different ages in so many sources.

Tuesday 1 June 2004, by Anonymous :

Not flattering.

Tuesday 1 June 2004, by Yuka :

He’s 40. He’ll turn 41 at the 20th August. And the music IS good. I know many people, who are NOT James fans, but LOVE the music.

Thursday 3 June 2004, by Rick :

you women could try getting your hands out of your pants here. James marsters is 41. he will be 42 on Aug 20. born in 1962. there is absolutely nothing nice looking about this guy and I don’t like his singing either.

Thursday 3 June 2004, by haha :

jealous much?? i think so.

Saturday 5 June 2004, by Yrat :

I couldn`t care less about his age. He is the hottest man on earth and he can be as old as he likes, I really don`t care! And Ghost of the Robot are a killer live band....No doubt!!!!

Thursday 11 November 2004, by A JM fan :

If YOU had a camera stuck up your nose, you probably wouldn’t look so hot, either, ’James’.

JM looks like a real man who’s lived a real life - smile/laugh lines and all - and I wouldn’t trade a single one of ’em. Plastic surgery is for the birds.

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