Monday 25 October 2004, by Anonymous :

they all look absolutely amazing! first off i love the first picture of Alexis and Mr. August J Richards hugging! aww! and then that second row, is that Amy Acker pregnant? she looks GREAT. I’m so glad for her, hope she has a healthy baby. Everyone looks great, Nicholas Brendon looks amazing. All clean shaved and everything. That looked like it was so much fun!

Tuesday 26 October 2004, by Jason :

MAN i wish i was there i mean i live in Australia and i wish i could met Amy Alexis and the rest i mean she was My Favourite Character on the Show part from Wes man i like to see him back in the Buffy Wourld again and see ILLYRIA i mean they were a better couple and i am happy that she is pregent.

Tuesday 26 October 2004, by Anonymous :

Nicky’s looking good again.

Nathan is also looking quite hunky.

Thursday 28 October 2004, by Anonymous :

Wow! Nicholas looks amazing! I wanna kiss him hard!!

Thursday 28 October 2004, by Lol :

Yeah Nick and Alexis are looking hot, but why did Aly cut her hair? I like it better when it was long.

Thursday 28 October 2004, by Angel :

I hate Alexis! Look what he’s done to my poor Aly... *sniff*

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