Monday 25 October 2004, by Anonymous :

What I think is ironic is the fact that all the Blockbuster movies coming out are of the same genre that’s getting cancelled on TV left and right. Hopefully, the younger generation watching these movies like LOTR, Spiderman, Starwars, etc. will develop better taste and expect something more than just finding out who’s sleeping with who, or who got voted off when they watch tv.

Monday 25 October 2004, by Anonymous :

funny, its been so long and I’m still mad at the WB for their stupidity. Dumb, dumb Tv station. Actually not that mad, just feel pity for the guys. sad.

Tuesday 26 October 2004, by Anonymous :

Sorry boys and girls, but that’s just communism. Look, I was pissed when ’Angel’ was cancelled. But you know what, shows like ’The Dead Zone’ and ’Monk’ have been keeping me busy. They’re good shows not to be wasted.

Everybody wants to talk about ’fairness’ and ’diversity’. If you have a decent idea, it’ll get put on the air and have a shot. Why did Tony Shalhoub win an Emmy? Because people saw a good show with a great premise and great acting and rewarded it. You can’t just force people to come up with ideas by saying, "We’re going to make sure you let independents get in there." The free market means that sometimes you have to deal with crap. But it also means that when true gems come along, people will notice.

Thursday 28 October 2004, by Anonymous :

conservitives, f.c.c., and clear channel. they have messed up every good thing that we had going for us. they would gladly replace all our good shows with some wholesome family programming crap. see conservitive now means christian and christian means to suffer. the more you suffer the greater rewards you’ll get when you die. so take everything that you love or want to love and throw it away if you want to vote for bush. also why would you want to vote for a president who is ignorant enough to hold a belief in creationism over evolution. they have an agenda for us here in the u.s. thats even more screwed up than going after iraq when they didnt even attack us or plan to and thats to try to reunionize church and state as much as they can before we can cut them out like the cancer they are. now if you disagree with everything ive said thus far then just take a look at the patriot act and how it destroys every bit of privacy youve ever had in the false name of patriotism at a time when buying a flag was cool. whats even worse is that anybody that is a christian will vote for bush no matter what he says or does just for the simple fact that he is a christian. that really scares me. slowly but surley over time they will slowly take all of our rights and freedoms away in the name of their god. if you vote for bush your actually killing people and not just muslims or rival religions but your neighbors and family because he’ll sacrifice our troops for no reason at all such as in iraq. so think about who you’ll be sentencing to death if you vote for his dumb monkey looking ass.

Thursday 28 October 2004, by Anonymous :

You do know that Kerry is a Christian too, right? He’s actually Catholic. So, based on your rant, I guess your not voting for either candidate.

Thursday 28 October 2004, by Real American ( I care about what’s right and not other’s thoughts) :

Oh and here I thought people weren’t gonna to tell me who to vote for. My my my Micheal Moore has he’s own crummy thugs and hired goons.

Monday 1 November 2004, by Anonymous :

he may be a catholic but at least he will not be trying to reunionize church and state. catholics are laid back. christians are bible thumping holy rollers that will stop at nothing to take away all artistic freedom. they are working very hard to get into our school systems. in cobb county georgia they already made it mandetory to stamp into every biolgy book that evolution is a theory and that it in know way should be held as fact. not only that but they also made it mandetory that intelligent design be taught along side evolution. oh yeah intelligent design is the belief that the world was created in 7 days by a supernatural force. thats not science thats christians reunionizing church and state. they are a cult and they need to be stopped. theres no doubt in my mind that in this election there will be more people voting then ever before. people like me that can see through all the crap thats going on in this country. religion starts out in a good way i guess love thy neighbor and all that crap but it just leads to fascism and murder. they want to send our non violent drug offenders away for longer than murders and rapists and why is that? maybe because they are largly funded by pharmeceutical companys who would rather you buy their drugs. like oxycontin for example. i know recently theres been a huge rise in heroin use like lets say before the war in afghanistan the worlds largest supplier of heroin btw well they were but not since we’ve been there. oxycontin is synthetic heroin that is one molecule away from being pure heroin. i wonder what company makes that? oh yeah its purdue well i wonder who owns that? lets see oh yeah its dupont the governments largest paid weapons and everything else subsidiary. oh yeah they are republican too. well thats no surprise if they make bombs and weapondry. drugs are the biggest money maker in this country then oil so its no surprise that they have their hand in it. the last time heroin was this big we went to vietnam where they were the worlds largest heroin producer. sadam hussein was a bad guy but there are dictators out there that are ten times worse the only difference is they dont have oil. haliburton is the oil cleaning company given billions opon billions of dollars to go clean up iraq’s oil fields. oh yeah they are republican too. so why are we sending our soldiers to die in iraq if iraq wasnt going to attack us and have no ties what so ever to osama bin laden. to make republicans more money so they can control the world through money power and religion. i know it was right to go kill the taliban for attacking our towers but bush used that as an opportunity to take on iraq and thats the sole difference between kerry and bush we wouldnt have gone to iraq. im sorry thats just too big a mistake for me to overlook one that we are still dying for.

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